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  1. all this posts dont have any images to simpler explains why just dont add some images with steps so the world would be a better place im waiting for this to happen ...
  2. We will not make you a copy you HAVE to make your own... To make you a copy is illegal. all of that xp modifing is illegal but if i make my own is legal
  3. so man what u think to integrate sp3 when it come final with xp professional or xp sp2??? and i wish if u make a copy when the final sp3 come out and integrate it with ie7 and wmp11 that would be gr8
  4. okay but one anther thing the copy of xp i have i made it with xp professional original cd and sp3 5508 and i slipstream it but i notice that the is no wmp11 and no internet explorer 7 just the old things ie6 and wmp9 so how can i fix this????
  5. i got the same proplem it need a key and i got the one from pid.inf that was very very very usefyl information but is it only 30 days trial or what and if how i can fix that !! regards in advance..