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  1. The fix is a regular MS fix but they are going to wait to release it with SP1. People that really need it have to request it, though. Like you said, the size of the disk may have something to do with it. My system could not install any device automaticly before I got KB 940199 and it fixed everything up, look here. Also try KB 941600.
  2. Just had this problem and found a fix. Go here and request KB article 940199. This should fix the problem. For a quick fix go into device manager and choose to update the driver of your device. Tell it to look in "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository" and it should find them. Install that hotfix, though, unless you want to do this everytime. The article explains that it may be caused by the removal or corruption of the infcache.1 file when windows can't make another. Even though you just setup the system I reccomend getting the hotfix. Edit: File path and extra info.