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  1. Hi guys Thanx for great answers and advice! Yeah, I know that you should develop the habit of tagging when downloading music, but when you load an entire mp3 player into your hard disc it's a hazzle. I have been told that programs like Media Monkey and Music Match should do a great load of the work. Any of you have experience with that? Also I have been warned that these programs sometimes rather tend to mess up your music collection than actually sorting it. Don't want that to happen!
  2. You might also have the problem that the music on your computer is a mess. Programs like WMP or iTunes are not capable to identify the music and sort it into categories. I am looking for a solution (a program, a mod or a add-on) which scans my computer for music, erases duplicates, adjusts volume, categorizes in genres & quality, adds missing titles and artist names. I don’t want to spend a year doing it on my own. Looking forward to your help!