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  1. is a great site that may help. You may wish to check out their utilities section.
  2. Hello, I have a user who on their old PC would download word documents generated daily by an automated system. Then, save those files in a network shared folder, open the document and print it. Her old PC would default all documents when they are opened in Word 2003 to a Margin of 1 Inch and a font size of 8. On my PC, when I browse to the same document and open it for printing the font size is larger and the margins are different. Now this user has a new PC and when she opens the documents they opened with the default document settings. How do I sepecify a default font size and margin on all documents opened (Not Ceated) through MS Word 2003. Editing the normal dot dot file doesn't appear to be the way to go. Thank you for your time! Mike