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  1. thanks for the info. but you can upload it to rapidshare. can create your own folder and there is no timeout (30 day barrier) regards red2k
  2. can you mirror this files please? other people would be test the files too... red2k
  3. hi.. i have it tested on windows sp4 pro 1. you must copy your win2k cd on hdd 2. replace the from the archiv on your cd 3. burn it 4. install it new and you have 48bit LBA on windows 2000 setup red2k
  4. what??
  5. only on win2k with sp4 replaced the SETUREG.HIV (from attachment) on your cd but test it on virtual pc bevore install no guarentee cu red2k
  6. nice... i love windows 2000, but yxou must go with the time. work that under x64?
  7. nlite is only for win2000 and newer. download the win98 startdisk here: use cdimagegui(find by to make your boot cd. use the disk as bootimage and create you have a win98 bootcd without a startdisk
  8. on windowsupdate are test downloads for sp2 rc1 build 2096