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  1. Thank God for reality....;) bookie32
  2. If Microsoft had any respect for its customers/users it wouldn't have released Windows 10 in the first place....then offering it as an upgrade...finally a recommended update.... Microsoft has no ethics and doesn't seem too worried by the complaints they get... but only time will tell... bookie32
  3. Hi cannie! Sorry, they have just moved to the latest anniversary version is still Windows 10 even though vastly improved (if we are to believe that crap) that doesn't mean the end of Windows 10 yet..... I would personally like to see the end of Microsoft as a company because of everything they have done to customers using their products over the last year or so... But then that is just wishful thinking.... bookie32
  4. That is OK by me... Yes, ebay do not take kindly to those that con others...not good for their image either... Just let me know if I can be of help.... bookie32
  5. Does this mean you will accept my offer to help? As I said before we only have Windows 7 Professional available and the link to the Ultimate I gave you I don't think I would trust it personally... You can let me know how you want to proceed.... As long as I am reimbursed for the cost for the license + post/packaging I have no problem helping you with your problem.... bookie32
  6. I did see where you live and was why I offered to help you....but I can't force you... and as dencorso said we have "post"... I am not in the habit of conning people if that is what is worrying you? bookie32
  7. Sorry, haven't we had this discussion of the suppliers I use in Sweden is still selling computers with Windows 7 Professional pre-installed on them...with Windows 8.1 or 10 as an extra... bookie32
  8. OK...but why? The licenses are genuine...just not Ultimate retail...but as I said Windows 7 Professional OEM... I am prepared to help you if you like? bookie32
  9. Hi ppgrainbow You can still buy Windows 7 Professional OEM here in Sweden in English (All though that doesn't really matter) and it is from reputable companies I use for most stuff to do with computers....but not has more than doubled in price and is currently being sold at several outlets for around 1700 Swedish kronor about 187 USD or 177 Euro... bookie32 As a personal note: I don't think an upgrade is the way to go....probably just my opinion but they never work properly.... I did see this one (in Swedish) it is an ESD and I can't say if it is reputable or not....
  10. Hi guys! Happy New Year to all of you! I guess you know where I am on NoelC's scale....I would like to believe I could end up on a 5 but just don't see it at the I will stick with 1.... The trouble this piece of s*** has caused me and my customers still gives me nightmares..... A serious new resolution for 2017 would be Microsoft ditching this crap and trying to regain the trust an loyalty of their customers and that isn't likely to happen.....oh well....I can dream can't I? bookie32
  11. Hi pointertovoid I find that some of the so called tests are crap...not really tested the computer yet... Samsung is coming up best in most tests and they are the leaders in this technology at the moment... Graphics card not important on this computer...installed an Asus 210 which will do me for a work computer... bookie56
  12. Hi guys! Been busy just lately and have just got around to installing Windows 7... I will point out that drivers for the new Samsung 950 Pro m2 SSD (NVMe) need to be added to your Windows installation... I was lazy and used the Windows Installation USB Tool from Gigabyte... I had my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit ISO on the computer and mounted it as a CD/DVD with Ultra ISO and just followed instructions... there is a directory in the directory for the "Windows Installation USB Tool" called "Storage Controllers" and in that directory is another called "Samsung NVMe" I downloaded the latest NVMe from Samsung and put it in this directory. After creating my Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit USB with NVMe support I could boot to Windows installer and see my problems after that.... Now I just need to install everything I have on my works computer and then transfer the other drives from it to the new one... One extra addition to my build is a Samsung 750 EVO SSD I had lying around for customers....I will use that specifically for my "User" account Now to find the time to install everything... bookie32
  13. Yes, I do know that but it is a first time for a broadband supplier here to actually have a recorded message complaining about it.... I might be getting on but not entirely asleep all the time.... bookie32
  14. Well, I have never known a broadband supplier mention problems with your Internet Connection after an update for Windows 10...Comhem which is a television. broadband, and telephone supplier here in Sweden has an automated message regarding problems after a Windows 10 update and even a contact telephone number to Microsoft support if the problem persists... Another nail in the coffin!! bookie32
  15. This problem has reared its ugly head time and time again in I put the old card I had in a Windows 7 and left it at that....really sad that they have just given up on some graphic cards..."Dumbing Down of Things" as you so quaintly put it is just a pain.. I don't like everything Nvidia are doing but they are good at maintaining drivers... bookie32