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  1. Hi guys! Been a strange day... I had a customer come with an Asus UX32LN and Windows 10 which was experiencing all sorts of problems... When I checked with Asus..there was no drivers from Windows 10 and several others had had similar problems and reset their computers to Windows 8.1 to fix them... This particular model has F9 to envoke recovery... I backed up my customer's files and restarted the computer....F9 I was surprised to see no choice for resetting to factory settings...being as I have done this many times without problems since Windows 10 was released...rang Asus support to see what I could do to force the recovery partition to give me the "reset to factory settings" option. The first guy I spoke to said no chance Windows 10 writes over the recovery partition and after 30 days you will need your recovery media... I tried to point out this isn't actually the case and tried to explain to him why...he was not receptive at all...and when I raised my voice because he wasn't listening ...he said he was terminating the call and put the phone down on me... I was fuming!! I rang them back and got someone else who I tried to explain that it isn't polite to hang up on customers trying to explain things to them...Anyway I tried to get help from this guy and he said the other one was comletely right and I would have to buy recovery media....and when I pointed out he was also wrong the call didn't last very long... Well, I did a little search for Asus Recovery and came up with this page there you can download the recovery app for your particular OS. I downloaded the app and installed it on my customer's computer...I then ran the program and it makes sure that the computer restarts and F9 is active... After restart I was prompted for my choice of language and after that I came to a menu where I could choose to reset the computer back to factory settings..... Of course I rang Asus again and got them to note this basically as a little help for others having similar problems and to try and improve the standard of help one gets... Of course my customer is well pleased... what upset me more than anything was being told I was mistaken and couldn't have reset computers back to Windows 7 , 8/8.1 after having Windows 10 for more than 30 days becuse all files are little they know...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bookie32
  2. Well, the 29th is approaching...remains to be seen what Microsoft will do...;) I am still getting problems with turning off updates on Windows and then when the computer starts I see the updates are activated and even free ones that I haven't said OK to.... I just feel this is a losing battle with the right to install what one wants to...Microsoft just do what they like as usual and that just p***es me off!!!!!!!!! bookie32
  3. Are you absolutely sure about their goals of world domination
  4. Well, there you go...;) Sounds about normal for Microsoft.... Nice info.... bookie32
  5. Sorry I wasn't paying attention....Misty's idea is a good one and will give it a try.... Just a little peeved that we have to go a mile to fix something that has worked before and now doesn't.... I appreciate your time and will se what transpires.... Thanks
  6. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion...I haven't found one thing that can't be fixed in all the years I have used Linux....It is far more stable than Windows and doesn't get upset if you hold in the power button to turn it off...Windows is too sensitive by far... As for fixing stuff in has become a nightmare....products just don't work and Microsoft don't give a d***.... The Linux community are so big now you can always get answers to a question/s no matter what.... Can't say the same for Windows... bookie32
  7. Well, I don't know if I am missing something here...but this hasn't been a problem with the help of "Ulitimate Outsider" app. I haven't had one computer that has attempted to update to Windows 10 since using the app....but then again...Microsoft are a*******s and will get around that one eventually. bookie32
  8. Sorry about the pics: This is the same result on any computer I have tested. Even if I create the new updated boot media (which this is) it complains about either a network connection or the error as below. There is no point in using an older version of the media because then it is missing the latest virus/spyware definitions... Unless some one can say otherwise this app doesn't work any more and that is a shame....
  9. Hi Jaclaz! OK! I use the normal download links for the app... and then follow the instructions for creating the dvd/usb. Every time you run the app it downloads the latest virus/spyware definitions and builds you a 64bit or 32bit version of the offline software.... I then boot a computer that has problems to run the software.... As I have tried to say...the software doesn't work....It says every time that the virus/spyware definitions are out of date and then I get the error I posted earlier... As I also said, you can't use the software without updating the virus/spyware definitions ....the search through the computer functions are greyed out and you are forced to try and update...which I do from the app.... The links you provide are for Windows defender in Windows and not the offline tool... Perhaps you are trying to suggest some other way that I don't understand.... The Windows Defender Offline boot media is just that for booting infected computers and removing viurses/spyware etc... Sorry, If have suggested otherwise... bookie32
  10. Hi xpclient! I would be interested to know what you were missing for usability... It seems that many that try Linux want it to look like Windows...? Linux is not Windows and never will be I hope...;) I love Linux because it is just that...not ******* Windows!!
  11. Not sure what I left out? I only referred to the old thread because people have a tendency to get upset wit different threads on the go... What more do you need... I download the 64bit and 32bit versions of Defender Offline and create a dvd which has the latest antivirus software included becuse the program is supposed to download them at time of creation.... Some times when I ran the dvd it would not allow me to update from the actual I reinstalled the latest version on the dvd and that it doesn't what more do you need? As for trying a USB flash drive...done it, got the T-shirt...even with the latest virus and spyware definitions it comes back with the same error as stated before....I have tested this on several different computers.... Even if I use the app to build the USB with the latest version...when I run it from a computer I need to doesn't work....says it is updating and then the error.... I can't be the only one in this boat?! bookie32
  12. I still prefer Linux even if Mark Shuttleworth has taken Ubuntu to a level not many like...His millions haven't actually improved it....(my opinion)... I Still prefer Debian...they get a lot of criticism for being slow with their releases but that is how it has always been...they have a routine that they stick to... I like Xfce because it is light and I can have a Mac like Cairo-dock for my apps.... Of course things need fixing at times and that is where it would be impossible for a run of the mill Windows user to fix...and makes it less attractive to Windows users thinking of making a move...all this is old news.... If you make the effort to really learn Linux...then I think the positive side outway the negative side....(again my opinion) I agree with you NoelC...just because it is open source...doesn't mean it is good...I do, however (not just my opinion) think the fact that being open source it comes from a community of people that work together to produce (not always good) products that make Linux the most interesting OS software out there... AND... As I have said on more than one occasion Linux is not easy and demands work....but then so does Windows if you really want to know the ins and outs (nuts and bolts) of it... With a risk of repeating myself...don't mind doing that when it comes to Linux....If the games community would really take an interest in Linux - then there isn't much left to really keep people with Windows...I wish.................... bookie32
  13. Has no one any ideas?
  14. Hi Noel! I think we need to get this into some sort of perspective.... Millions of users go to work each day put on their computers and work with the program software the company uses....their skills never get better than that....they go home and put on the computer at home...they have learnt how to use the "E" internet explorer....little pun because 90% of my customers don't know the difference between internet explorer and Windows XP, 7. 8 or 8.1....I have learned to my cost that trying to educate them past such simple tasks is a meaningless waste of my time and energy.. They go to the local store to buy a computer and they get Windows 8.1 and now it is mostly windows 10....the store sales people are not interested in telling their customers about software like classic shell because it is outside of the job description....I hasten to add the local stores that help start computers for their customers have learnt about Classic Shell because I have enlightened them to its existance... I continually get new customers coming with their Windows 8.0, 8.1 and 10 to me to fix them because they have heard that I install Windows 7 on computers and they know how to use Windows 7...this has of course something to do with what they use at work but not the fact I install Windows 7 on this context they mean I install Classic Shell which will give them a Windows 7 menu etc...I hasten to add even if I explain that it is a bit of software that makes it easier for them to recognise windows as they know it...they still think I have installed Windows 7....go figure... I will also add my knowledge of the ins and outs of computers in Windows is far less than a lot of you guys...I still learn new stuff every day and am grateful for the help I get here when I get stuck... If we look at a lot of the waffle I have written....perhaps it isn't so strange that Classic Shell is unknown to millions of potential users....;) bookie32
  15. Classic shell is the only way a lot of my customers manage Windows 8, 8.1 and 10....otherwise they would be lost...;)