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  1. Hi guys! OK I should explain...just testing Windows know my feelings towards this pile of junk... I have installed all my software including Objectdock which hasn't direct support for Windows 10 but works and is OK... I have noticed that Objectdock has a problem with apps not using .exe.... Something that is annoying me and was mentioned on several versions of Windows 10 is that you can get background apps running by themselves even when turned off in security settings.... I have turned off all background running apps but my object dock is still detecting them as is just like before the "settings" windows is active and when you shut that the "store" app is active.....very annoying this isn't hapening all the time but it is pointless shutting them because they open a while later again... This is obviously Microsft not being too honest about what is turned off and on even if we are given the opportunity to chose ourselves.... Where else do I need to turn of background apps like "services" and "store" and even "xbox" I have turned them off in Settings > Security and then background apps.... Thanks bookie32
  2. Hi guys! Still messing around with testing Windows 10! I still use Internet Explorer 11 for some things...but now there there is a link to Edge all the time?! Microsoft just don't get it....don't want Edge and don't reminding of it with a link.... How to remove this? bookie32
  3. Hi Noel!

    Any chance you can explain your tweaking of Windows 10....

    I am thinking that if it becomes a viable OS then it would be nice to know how you have tweaked it and how to do it....



  4. Well, from the attitude shown by Microsoft...I think I made the right decision in telling my customers that had laptops that died "after the upgrade" that it wouldn't be worth trying to make a claim against such a company.... bookie32
  5. You have a point there....I stand corrected again...;) bookie32
  6. I am surely not the first one to think this or comment about it....but I just wonder if allowing an upgraded computer from say Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and then having that digital license connected to their Microsoft account is a sure sign that they are not interested in their software anymore... Not content with ramming this version of Windows down our throats as an upgrade, recommended update, and now you can move the digital license to entirely new hardware and activate it..... Is this another BORG move? bookie32
  7. Well, there would be a lot here that would disagree with you on it being worth moving from XP to Win 10 ...but everyone is entitled to their opinion.... But to remind you that in my opinion this is still the biggest load of crap since I can't remember when.... bookie32
  8. Sorry, think you are wrong there... I just created a Windows 10 Pro version with the creation tool and when it was installed the latest 1607 came as an update... bookie32
  9. Would you care to elaborate...? Windows 10 is a long way from being a worthy OS nevermind one that is to replace XP.... bookie32
  10. Thank God for reality....;) bookie32
  11. If Microsoft had any respect for its customers/users it wouldn't have released Windows 10 in the first place....then offering it as an upgrade...finally a recommended update.... Microsoft has no ethics and doesn't seem too worried by the complaints they get... but only time will tell... bookie32
  12. Hi cannie! Sorry, they have just moved to the latest anniversary version is still Windows 10 even though vastly improved (if we are to believe that crap) that doesn't mean the end of Windows 10 yet..... I would personally like to see the end of Microsoft as a company because of everything they have done to customers using their products over the last year or so... But then that is just wishful thinking.... bookie32
  13. That is OK by me... Yes, ebay do not take kindly to those that con others...not good for their image either... Just let me know if I can be of help.... bookie32
  14. Does this mean you will accept my offer to help? As I said before we only have Windows 7 Professional available and the link to the Ultimate I gave you I don't think I would trust it personally... You can let me know how you want to proceed.... As long as I am reimbursed for the cost for the license + post/packaging I have no problem helping you with your problem.... bookie32
  15. I did see where you live and was why I offered to help you....but I can't force you... and as dencorso said we have "post"... I am not in the habit of conning people if that is what is worrying you? bookie32