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  1. Well it is not a bad thing to have dreams.....I would also like a Mac and everything is heading that way.... Once again it is the same problem when working with a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit....The installation has sp1 baked into it direct from Microsoft...After the installation the problem with windows update agent 7.6.7600.320 rears its ugly head...and that is easy to fix with the following downloads Windows6.1-KB3102810-x64, Windows6.1-KB3138612-x64 and if needed Windows6.1-KB947821-v34-x64...then Windows updates comes with about 284 updates plus the choice of extra languages etc. But....there is even a downside to this fix...after installing the first batch of updates it hangs itself again and will not update and you can leave it several joy....I have had a real gut full of this crap....spending hours searching for new solutions to the problem....and at present I have only found one that works and that is the Windows Offline Updater.... After running that Windows then finds another 70 or so updates and finishes with just the free ones and the Windows Update searches for a while and comes back with no more updates other than the rollups, extra driver updates and languages.... It is disgusting!!! Microsoft can't and will not seem to be interested in millions of users of Windows 7...or the other versions...apart from Windows 10 and it can't even make a good job of that... Huge companies are going to have to think again if they are still putting their faith in this crap heap of a company.... bookie56
  2. Thanks NoelC! bookie32
  3. Wow....that is a long time ago... bookie32
  4. It is really sad that Microsoft has stooped so low as they have now....we as users really deserve better....just for a laugh can some one tell me when was the last moment that one could believe Microsoft as a company had ethics? I just don't seem to have the time to keep up with everything....but obviously if Microsoft is having problems with their Windows 10...doesn't take a genius to realise that sending out updates that render Windows 7 as bad as Windows 10 can't be far off....if they haven't already happened. Has anyone links to those really on the ball with what updates are doing what....and what to avoid Windows 7? bookie32
  5. Thanks for coming by HarryTri... I have had to reinstall because of no system restore everything is working again.... bookie32
  6. I agree....but then I would have to try and forget the past year or so of disgusting company ethics. behaviour..etc...but if they got their heads from up their ***** then I would probably do the same as you and buy it.... bookie32
  7. Hi guys! Have a computer where the user profile is not working and even though I have activated the administrator ....the administrator isn't showing.. I have tried running sfc from repair cd: sfc /scannow /offbootdir=C:\ /offwindir=C:\windows I get the "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation" I have run chkdsk C: /R but that doesn't find anything... I really would like to fix this without reinstalling... Any ideas... bookie32
  8. Well, that makes sense....another nail in the coffin for thinks....;) bookie32
  9. Hi NoelC! Explain something to an old fart....Microsoft in its wisdom stopped supporting the gadgets that we have in Windows 7 because of security issues.....but then in its wisdom creates first Windows 8/8.1 and then Windows 10 which is made up of have literally apps coming out of your **** are all these apps in Microsofts eyes better than the gadgets that many loved in Windows 7.....are they more secure than the gadgets? Just would like some clarification on this....;) bookie23
  10. Yep....I won't succumb to the cloud....still love my CS6 and don't need the cutting edge tools with the latest version.... bookie56
  11. Yeah...thanks for that....I checked connections first before taking the step of backing up the drive and reformatting it struck me as being a loose connection....but didn't turn out to be that....just checking connections didn't help but no more problems since reformatting it....?!!! I have registered the drive at my supplier in case of more problems.... Thanks for coming by...;) bookie32
  12. Hi guys! Little update here: I backed up all files on the two partitions on the hard drive causing problems and then removed both partitions and started from scratch... I created both partitions as before and have it with just basic files linked to those partitions at the moment.... Just before I started this while backing up files the drive just dropped out.....I restarted the computer and continued with the backup of all files.... Since removing, recreating and formatting the drive no problems on startup at the moment... I will keep an open mind about whether this is OK for the next few days... I Shall update this thread in a couple of days or if I get problems again.... bookie32
  13. Hi guys! I will try and explain this so everyone understands....;) I recently upgraded a drive in my works computer from 320 GB to a 1 TB to have more space....this is the setup at the moment I have a 120 GB SSD drive for my C: 1 TB drive to E: Users J:Photos 1 TB G: Mixed 500 GB H: Backup K: Company I: Music I moved my files around when adding the 1 TB which is now G: Mixed but E:Users has been constant on the same drive even though "Mixed" and "Photos" swapped places... Not long after upgrading the computer with the 1 TB instead of 320 GB drive I started getting chkdsk on start up for either E: or J: partitions....this has happened several times over the last couple of weeks... I put the drive on test and no problems detected not even a damaged sector...? Today my partner started the computer to do bookkeeping and the E: Users was not available at all but J: Photos was? I restarted the computer and it ran chkdsk on E: again but no problems were found...I have even run an extensive test on the problems found.... I know everything points to a bad drive but why and how when no faults are found... Has anyone any ideas.... bookie32
  14. What do you mean by "wants to...." they already have....
  15. Hi jumper! No, it is totally separate emails and not just replies...thanks for the link...I will keep that for later... I do apologise...should have said that I did a repair on Windows Live Mail and that seemed to solve the the customer is happy at the moment... I thank you for your time...