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  1. Microsoft don't consider that Windows 10 is a they are not likely to care about any small thing like possible security problems... bookie32
  2. Well I, for one, admire your determination....I gave up a long time ago after all the problems trying to fix things in this version of Windows. I just accept that Microsoft has lost the plot and carry on with Windows 7... bookie32
  3. OK I will say it Trump....
  4. Hi Guys Thought that we wern't going to mention the T word.... Anyway, the man is getting worse just like Windows 10 so it is a good comparison bookie32
  5. Are you sure that you don't want to change the title of this theread to "Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever" seems that it would be a fitting title now... I see more and more dejected users here trying to find something positive with Windows 10 BudwS I haven't Windows 10 but feel like I have dealing with this crap every day...! Xpcleint I haven't had false negatives with Malwarbytes yet regarding Windows 10...but some of the apps have caused problems... Noel I think you hit the nail on the head l...Microsoft just ends I keep plodding along helping my customers with this crap and it is sole destroying....can't feel good about the work I do any more... Windows 10 is clearly a mistake and it is about time Microsoft came clean and admitted that fact... bookie32
  6. It is like I have said all along...biggest load of crap they have seen fit to release...!! bookie32
  7. Is this something new...;) I don't think Microsoft give a s*** about their users at all....time to kick this company into touch... To think I actually had respect for this company....God you live and learn... bookie32
  8. This I like....I agree every Joe Bodd would think of bookie
  9. Hi jumper! Thank you for the info! bookie
  10. Hi guys! When things go wrong and we need to back up files after a crash.... What is the best software or way to compair contents between directories with the same name? It is inevitable that you are going to back up different copies of directores from a drive to another location and then....end up with loads of back ups with similar or the same files in them... Just wonder what is the most efficient way of checking one directory against another? bookie
  11. Hi guys....your interpretation of "Stable" isn't what I had in mind and to get this so called stability means you have to strip Windows 10 of almost everything.... Out of the box this is still a big pile of crap...and seems to be getting worse by the minute... bookie
  12. there is something to laugh at....that has made my day...stable my arse!! Explain why you think Windows 10 is stable....Even computers that are coming with Windows 10 are not exactly what you can call stable.... Sorry, no offense just don't see where this crap is stable!! I have had customers that have bought Windows 10 computers....things looked ok to them ....but then Microsoft releases one stupid bloody update after another that just stops things working... bookie
  13. Hi TrevMUN Well, I can give my two penneth As from a design aspect it was aimed at the telephone and ipad market....and even so it has been a disaster on that front.... Just because the first thing people seem to do is access the Internet via en ipad or telephone doesn't make it a logical example to build a new OS for.... I always get on my soap box about this....just look at our computers of today, the processors, memory, hard drives, monitors.....the technology is fantastic and keeps getting better and far as the development of hardware it isn't based on the crap that comes from is still the games market... I have hundreds of customers and I wouldn't go as far to say 2% of them think the design and layout of Windows 10 is good or better than Windows 7.....I have installed Classic Shell in almost all Windows 10 computers because the majority of users hate the menu is at best irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!! Windows 10 is still causing chaos in computers...just an example....customer had an update from Windows that she says was installed on the computer.... After that she couldn't get into the computer with her password....I activated the Administrator and went in that way to check the computer but it froze...I was forced to do a hard shutdown and after that it wouldn't start....the repair just kept on trying and I tried three or four different ways to recover the drive...nada This is a ssd 128GB so there is no "factory" recovery built into the computer....and I don't mean the crap recovery from Microsoft either.... I can actually reinstall it but then it is a standard installation and not her own recovery.... It is a holiday here tomorrow and I have to see if HP will do anything about this as it is on guarantee.... She has no recovery media and when I checked it was going to cost it is up to HP on Tuesday.... 90 % of my customers never read the instructions that follow in the packaging about ordering a recovery media etc....a lot of them can get the recovery media free if they just read the info!! Windows 10 is crap and most of my time is spent fixing this s***....At the moment I couldn't give a crap about the so called nice design...just expect it to work under the hood...and it clearly doesn't ... I know there are threads here for tweaking Windows other words removing all the crap but normal everyday Joe Bloggs doesn't know how to do that and wants something that just works.... Getting off my soap box again.... bookie32
  14. Hi guys! OK I should explain...just testing Windows know my feelings towards this pile of junk... I have installed all my software including Objectdock which hasn't direct support for Windows 10 but works and is OK... I have noticed that Objectdock has a problem with apps not using .exe.... Something that is annoying me and was mentioned on several versions of Windows 10 is that you can get background apps running by themselves even when turned off in security settings.... I have turned off all background running apps but my object dock is still detecting them as is just like before the "settings" windows is active and when you shut that the "store" app is active.....very annoying this isn't hapening all the time but it is pointless shutting them because they open a while later again... This is obviously Microsft not being too honest about what is turned off and on even if we are given the opportunity to chose ourselves.... Where else do I need to turn of background apps like "services" and "store" and even "xbox" I have turned them off in Settings > Security and then background apps.... Thanks bookie32
  15. Hi guys! Still messing around with testing Windows 10! I still use Internet Explorer 11 for some things...but now there there is a link to Edge all the time?! Microsoft just don't get it....don't want Edge and don't reminding of it with a link.... How to remove this? bookie32