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  1. Nice fix! Thank you!
  2. Hej guys! Have a customer computer that has just the start explorer etc... I have tried to add explorer "pin to taskbar" but not getting that option? Has anyone any idea how to reset the taskbar? bookie32
  3. Well, why should Microsoft care....? It would be a first.....Microsoft haven't got the first idea of good practice...."The customer is always right"...It is probably likely that thousands of computers across the planet have died because of Windows 10...and now we have there own that doesn't come up to any reliable standard...?!! top it all they are palming off thes crappy computers with huge reductions...One thought it was a campaign to sell more Windows 10 computers - but turns out to be away of getting rid of a bad product....;) bookie32
  4. Hi guys! Has anyone any idea how I can run a batch file to remove all the . msu files from the directory that comes with them when we download them manually, so that all the .msu files are collected in one place? bookie32
  5. As another member living in Sweden I have been seeing these ploys to increase sales... bookie32
  6. Windows 10? Is that a new OS? If so....never heard of it....
  7. Hi guys! Just a little update here! As I suspected my customer was wrong about the computer coming with Windows 8.0..Just received the "Recovery" dvd's and they are for Windows 8.1... At least that clears up one nagging thing...;) bookie32
  8. I understand perfectly what you are saying and it was an exercise in seeing what works more than acutually using it... I usually build the images from scratch - but I confess in this instance I was looking for a quick solution... As I said, I know better than give a sytem activated with the wrong license and don't intend to... Thanks for all your help any way...I have learnt a little more about dism and UEFI...every little helps... bookie32
  9. Hi again! Am I rambling...sign of my age...sorry! 1. I have a test computer that I have created a syprep version av Win 8.0 2. Have a customer that came with a computer that had crashed....turned out the hard drive was dead..His computer originally came with Win8.0 but he had upgraded to Windows 10 before it crashed. 3. I installed an new drive in the customer computer and used my sypreped version of Win 8.0 to install his computer....In the beginning it was having a problem activating but I left it alone and installed some updates and then saw it had activated - BUT when I looked at the activation ID it was the same as the test computer. 4. I used OEMkey from NeoSmart to retrieve the keys for both computers...from the bios 5. The customer's computer has activated with the key from the test computer? This should not be possible? 6. The key from the customer's computer is for Win 8.1 - but the customer is sure it was 8.0 when he bought it...he could be mistaken...will know as soon as the replacement media comes. 7. I have erased the key from the customer's computer and tried to activate his key and that is when I started getting errors... Like I said the key from the customer's computer is for Win 8.1 and if Microsoft can't change these settings then my customer is misstaken and had Win 8.1 when he bought it.. Just like to know how the key from the test computer has activated in the customer's ...if as Microsoft point out you can't move OEM keys to new computers... I have now two computers with the same key being used but are OEM?! Does that make sense...? booke32
  10. Hi again! OK! Sorry I have been an id***...I thought I could build a syspereped image from a computer that was with an OEM installation...but obviously it still retains information even after running sysprep? The computer has "activated" with the same ID has the test computer which in theory shouldn't happen especially when Microsoft are saying the bios key is for reduced piracy... I ran these codes to see if I could get it to work: I did this to remove the computer ID:(Not the actual ID from this computer) slmgr /dlv slmgr /upk 507660dd-3fc4-4df2-81f5b559467ad56b I actually tried to install the key from the bios - but this is when the error started slmgr /ipk ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** So I tried to clean everything: slmgr /upk slmgr.vbs /cpky slmgr /ckms slmgr.vbs /ckms slmgr /skms localhost But after installing an update the activation with the test computer's ID installed again... And Microsoft in their infinite wisdom think this stops piracy...???!!! I have an activated computer with the test computer's key?! I have checked the last few digits in the newly installed computer and the key matches the test computer?! What is the point of Sysprep if this happens? Obvioulsly I can't give the computer back to the customer like this...even though it is working .... I have ordered the original OEM from the manufacturer and that will come in a day or two... Just that this was never a problem building a sysprep version with windows 7... bookie32 P. S. I have also discovered that the key in the test computer is (from the bios) and it is Win8.1 although the computer was installed with Win8.0 from factory?! I have upgraded the test computer to Win8.1. Does this mean that Win8.1 writes over the original in the bios because, as I have pointed out, it did come with Win8.0... Of course what really makes this interesting...I haven't even added the Win8.1 upgrade to the newly installed computer - but it has activated with a Win8.1 license?! I think I will go and eat worms....
  11. Hi again! Could have run into a snag...My customer came with his laptop and it had been upgraded to Windows 10.. Windows 10 has killed the drive, so I have installed a new ssd drive...with my syspreped Win8.0 and it wont activate...I have the key from the bios and it wont accept it... Question! Does the upgrade to Windows 10 set a new key in the bios and erase the old one? The code I have had seems to be more to do with Windows 10 activation problems... The original system was Windows 8.0 and not Pro... Just wonder if the upgrade f****s with the bios key? bookie32
  12. Hi Tripredacus! Now that definitely looks better than my attempts! Thank you!! Martyn
  13. Yes, lot of what you have written I do know but have worked mostly with mbr...I have tried adding the "System" partition and formatting it with fat32 and then just creating the system drive... I copied the boot files and no errors but still no boot drive found after rebooting... I haven't an original dvd at the moment and is why I wanted to use a sysprep image.. bookie32
  14. Hi Jaclaz! I must be missing something here... This is a laptop with UEFI and I thought that usually they are GPT The drive died and I have a Win8.0.wim that I can use just wasn't sure of the procedure for creating partitions from winpe with dism.. If you are telling me that I have lost the plot...then fine...please explain how a standard install is created when installing Windows 8.0...doesn't the installation create GPT automatically? I have not worked much with Windows 8 or 10 fram scratch using a .wim... Thanks!
  15. Hi guys! Well, the "active" parameter obviously doesn't work because of it being gpt... The other problem is : bcdboot w:\windows /l sv-SE The above doesn't work? I have the drive as "w" label=Windows but something is wrong...any ideas?