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  1. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Hi Anixx Yes of course it does but I never install anything on a stable running computer...I only install one desktop at a time.... I have a lot of computers to take care of and try to minimalise work and problems... bookie32
  2. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Sorry....but Xfce shouldn't be compared to KDE...they are totally different desktop environments and have their followers for different reasons.... I like Xfce because it is light weight and a lot of the time I don't need all the stuff that comes with KDE...if I want all of what comes with KDE then I would install KDE...it is that simple different tastes different distro.... I haven't looked at KDE for some time and will set it up in VMWare to see what gives today.... bookie32
  3. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I totally agree...why there are members here that will give you a whole list of why XP needed to be replaced and the same goes for Vista and Windows 7 - but as Microsoft obviously doesn't listen to feedback from its users - then there is no chance that we will ever be happy with the new OS whatever it is called..... As a company, Microsoft has ignored the most important thing about development....look at the feedback from previous versions and build on that...of course, there are always those that just get on with it....they don't care what the current verision is.....as long as they can write an email go on facebook....what does it matter what happens behind the scenes.... I never thought that Windows 8 was a reflection of peoples ideas and ideas for improvements...just Microsoft being Microsoft and going their own way and **** the people that spend thousands on a pile of crap that just gets worse... BUT I will add that many of my customers that upgraded from Windows 8 or 8.1 have gone back to it and are much happier....;) It was said that MIcrosoft received so much stick about Windows 8 and the so called 8.1 update that they felt it necessary to come with a newer version..... Still get customers asking why wasn't there a Windows 9....;) Microsoft has ignored its users time and time and again....but aren't likely to start listening until something drastic happens like the games industry not trusting in Microsoft and giving Linux a chance...despite all the negative posts here about Linux...it has a community that help each other...improve things...etc....not that it is always good.... There is more development going on in the Linux world than there ever will be in the Microsoft one... It is about time that all that have supported Microsoft over the years ....leave and let it go to its grave....OR that Microsoft wake up and listen to its users..... Sorry, is that hell I see freezing over.....;) bookie32
  4. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Well, to be fair Microsoft after previous experience of badly written agreements have improved ....but then it still amases me how many that upgrade or even install a clean version of Windows 10 do so not thinking or caring about any agreements that they are saying yes to....when we know that there is so much we should be paying attention to? At the end of the day when such an agreement pops up when doing a fresh install of whatever....does anyone stop to actually read any agreements....it is only on rare occasions that anyone would want to even bother reading a 30-40 page long agreement of how Microsoft waffles on (just like I am now) denying any responsibility for anything that is written....that we might possibly construde as being a little bit morally wrong... Thanks to those who actually read these agreements and bring to our attention what we are actually saying yes to... Microsoft has not shown any signs of changing or becoming more accountable for this crap in the disguise of an operating system..... I have more and more customers asking me...what do we do if we don't want to succumb to this crap called Windows 10.... I have no answers that many want to hear....75 year olds and even in some cases older..."Well you should either buy a Mac or learn Linux.... Bit of a dilemma....;) bookie32
  5. Disk Cleanup + SSD = unbootable

    Yes, I have to agree with HarryTri on this.... If I add upp all the wasted hours trying to fix things that have gone pear-shaped.....help! I willl add after years of experience with cloning software....I tend to rely on Clonezilla Server Edition to clone my computers and customers.... that said, for whatever reason that fails, I use the live Clonezilla dvd.... While I wont say anything bad about Samsung...fantastic SSD drives!....I will say that when I tried the cloning software a couple of times it let me down...can't really remember now....sorry..getting old you know...;) Some times I use Macrium Reflect free edition and you have a couple of options with that cloning software...sometimes the "clone drive "doesn't work because of some dodgy file somewhere....harddrive not good....BUT you can also create a "backup image" which has never let me down.... What I really like is the choice of partitions to clone or back up.... All you need is an extra drive USB large enough for the backup....While installing and starting the newly installed Macrium Reflect it asks you if you want to create a "RepairBoot" disk. I always do this because you can boot from this user interface and then reinstate your image to the drive of your choice... If you have a situation where the drive you are going to clone to is smaller than the original....there are several ways to go about this....cleaning up Windows first and defragging it..then I tend to shrink the drive to a size compatable with the new one...To do this I never rely on Windows...I use Gparted livecd for 64bit or 32bit systems. One thing that can cause problems is after removing service pack updates etc ...don't forget to restart the computer to finish off the process....I know you probably know this....easily forgotten when working on a cloning project.... Microsoft will question the shrinking afterwards by doing a chkdsk on startup but that is just Microsoft being Microsoft.... Cloning after this usually works....with one of the above meathods.... But never remove the Windows sytem files until you are certain everything works.... Hope I haven't rubbed too much salt into your wounds.... bookie32
  6. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Hi Andromeda43 It depends on what you call "fixable"... If fixable means stripping Windows 10 of all that Microsoft want you to have as many of our friends here have done....if you add, as you say classic shell, which I have recommended to my customers for years... THEN, and only then, it is possible to use Windows 10....****...I forgot to include how many computers that have stopped working, hardware that Microsoft updates and stops working, and the plain fact that Windows 10 doesn't actually work for many even those that have bought computers with it preinstalled... Hope that helps! bookie32
  7. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Yes, we can say without risk of being wrong....MIcrosoft believe...or want us to believe that Windows 10 is the greatest creation....BUT we know different....don't we.... bookie32
  8. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    Well, I have to admit that I have been burying my head in the sand regarding a lot of the new updates from Microsoft for Windows 10.... I have customers ringing me regarding the fact they are asked to review their privacy settings for The Creator's Update.....When will Microsoft realise that this is blackmail... If the user keeps asking to be reminded about reviewing their privacy settings....then it doesn't popup any more and then they lose use of their computer until they check their settings....?!! Just had a customer saying he has put it off because he didn't know what to do.....and then he gets the popup telling him to choose his privacy settings or else....!!! Of course, I tell my customers to ring me if they are uncertain about anything.....but many are pensioners that haven't a clue what they are looking at.... Microsoft call these settings "Privacy Settings" privacy settings my arse.... Sorry, if I am a little behind on this winge but just can't get over the stupidity of Microsoft....!! bookie32
  9. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    Now, now vinifera....behave yourself OK! mistakes are being made and that will continue to happen with human error.... BUT....I don't think I am alone in thinking Microsoft have ulterior motives for the collection of data... It won't be the first time Microsoft have been in the firing line for invading the privacy of email subscribers....hiding behind laywers is no excuse... I just don't trust their motives.... bookie32
  10. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    Well, I might of known you would show this one....... trust you.... Never said it was perfect here either....human error or incompetence always are a apart of the equation...it is scary that such a blunder could occur.... BTW I am a Brit living in Sweden..... You can be sure of one thing...more heads will roll... bookie32
  11. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    Well, this thread and similar like it have really opened my eyes.....even if I need glasses nowadays... I think we can all agree that something is seriously wrong in the Microsoft camp.... I don't like the idea of Microsoft taking care of any data at all....Yes, I understand that is hard to avoid....just have no respect for them as a company any more... bookie32
  12. Remove Edge link Internet Explorer

    Hi fysics! Thanks for the info bookie32
  13. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    Trying to get this over to my customers is not easy...."I can tweak your version of Windows and make it more easy to manage...but can't guarantee anything because Microsoft in its infinite wisdom likes releasing updates that **** up all your hard work and you're back to where you started"... Not exactly something that will inspire confidence in customers bookie32
  14. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    Thanks jaclaz.... My thoughts and sentiments exactly.... The basic Windows 10 upgrade killed off thousands of computers....and now the creators update is no ****** better...!!!! Microsoft have released the worst ever OS and it is utter crap!! bookie32
  15. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    Well, a little update on this... I always am quite clear about telling my customers that have a computer upgraded from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10...without the support of the manufacture...that this will only get worse as time goes by because Windows replaces drivers with those it thinks you should have just like all the so called software that people tend to try that basically ***** up your computer... The above customer came to me again with the creators update stuck on download and problems getting it installed or downloading....does this sound familiar......he was also getting problems connecting to the Internet and his broadband supplier said it must be a Virus in the computer causing the issues because they were'nt experiencing problems from their side..... I have had loads of problems with the different broadband suppliers here in Sweden....if I don't find any problems in the computer with virus/malware etc or that while the computer is on test in my workshop the network connection never misses a beat...then most often it is the broadband suppliers router or other mechanical problems...and when I ring from the customers to the broadband supplier I get someone with either a competence level of 1-5 (my grading) 1 being someone that is good at his job and can see the problem.... or 5 just a plain so called support id***.... Of course it is the customer that gets the raw end of the deal trying to get money out of a supplier for my time... Anyway...rambling on here...the broadband supplier support person had mentioned Virus but hadn't asked what version of Windows was installed...or whether it was an upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 without support from the manufacturer...but you can't expect them to ask all the right questions especially with the level of competence the guy or girl my customer had on the line when ringing for help The customer came to me and I found no Virus or Malware in the computer that would be causing any problems with the Internet....that is if we don't assume that Windows 10 is a Virus All computers that have been in my workshop have a network profile for my router and the computer connected without problems and installed the creator's update without any problems....that I noticed while on test..... I checked the network and removed the old profiles and everything seemed OK.....BUT not forgetting my warning to the customer about Windows 10....I even said about the problems with the creators update...... Well, the customer went home and everything seemed OK...but then the computer started to go slower and then freeze without mouse or keyboard working....even the external one.... From reading numerous threads about the Creator's Edition causing such problems....I reminded my customer about the warning I gave before I first looked at the computer the first time....now he is coming on Monday and is going to decide whether to scrap the computer or I reset it to Windows 7!! So, the moral of this long story is .....I will keep to my comments written before about fixing Windows 10 crap on computers not supported by the manufacturer....it saves my customers a lot of money if I just reset the computer and forget the Windows 10 crap!! God, I hate Windows 10!!! bookie32