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  1. @thedogcow If you are responding to me, I'm not killing anything. I just replaced/added those files listed BEFORE I repacked Photoshop CS with the INNO setup. 55MB silent install, with activation. No nagging from photoshop at all.
  2. ok here's some more info. The setup.exe icon was the one that matches the inno setup icon when i made no chages to the oem.exe in the original "photoshop cs repack". On the new "photoshop cs repack" the oem icon changes to winrar sfx icon when i update the files in it, and the setup.exe icon when compiled is still the same as the inno setup.exe icon FYI: INNO setup compiler is version 4.2.1 and these files have been added or updated: emu.dll AdobeLM.dll Tw10122.dat Heres is my log file
  3. I tried this and it repacked it to 55MB and I took that to my spare comp and it installed everything. My [HKEY_USERS\S-1-######] is different that the one in the oem file, but i BELIEVE it put everything there, instead of the one in the oem.exe. Don't know how that works, but it did for me Edit: my icon is the setup.exe icon not winrar's
  4. With just excel and word it shrunk down to 148 and installed correctly too.
  5. @buckeyeXP here's my log
  6. mine stops too. fresh windows and MST as of 4-8-2004