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  1. One reason why manufacturers or companies flat out refuse to admit liability for anything is due to insurance clauses. Admitting liability will affect future insurance premiums (costs). Those who're looking to buy a serial connection can try a compatible Nokia DKU5 cable? USB on one end, serial connection on the other. Used it on a router board before.
  2. Is there any way to back up activation if I buy an OEM Vista disc from a store and install in my DIY computer?
  3. Manufacturer: Acer Model: TravelMate 2420 41636572
  4. All the tools I found on the Internet did not work when I tried to change the CDKey from a blacklisted corp key to a Dell OEM CDKey. Laptop drive crashed Any ideas? (we do not have the original windows cd, and we can't find any Dell CD, probably lost or not given, but the oem cdkey is on the bottom of the laptop)