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  1. SB driver .iso's: http://www.filefront.com/user/BadBoyforum/
  2. thank you for that useful piece of info.
  3. i am missing %WinDir% environment variable. i have it defined properly in my msdos.sys file: ; MSDOS.SYS [Paths] WinDir=C:\WINDOWS WinBootDir=C:\WINDOWS HostWinBootDrv=C [Options] AutoScan=1 BootDelay=0 BootGUI=0 BootKeys=1 BootMulti=0 BootWarn=0 DBLSpace=0 DRVSpace=0 DisableLog=1 DoubleBuffer=1 LoadTop=1 Logo=1 SystemReg=0 WinVer=4.10.2222 when i type SET at the prompt, i get "winbootdir=C:\WINDOWS" but the windir variable does not show up. i used to be able to unzip a copy of windows to my C:\ and then boot an msdos floppy to start windows. the difference now is i use a dos bootcd with floppy emulation to start DOS. i don't have a floppy drive anymore. help! how can i bring back %WinDir% ?