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  1. Hi, i installed a WSUS server on my Server 2003 standard edition. Updates are downloaded. All PCs are in the domain. What do i need to do now to direct them to the WSUS server without changing anything on the client computers (actually they are laptops and the employees are takeing them home). Is it possible? When not, what should i do? I don't have any experience in windows servers! The Microsoft site is not very helpful because i can't find To create and link a GPO on the domain level, and then open the new GPO in Group Policy Object Editor 1. In Server Management, expand Advanced Management, expand Group Policy Management, expand Forest, expand Domains, and then click your SBS domain. I can't find Server Management on my 2003 standard edition server
  2. Hi, i have a weird problem on my Win 2003 system. When the route fails i can't of course go out on the internet. But when i disable and enable the NIC it's working again. What service is responsible for the NIC? Maybe the service is making problems! Any idea?