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  1. Need help to creat iss file.

    Try this: setup_avrokeyboard_5.1.0.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGS /NORESTART /SP- If that doesn't work go here: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/setup.html
  2. I found this link which is quite helpful for silently installing AAW Even though it refers to an earlier version it still works for 7.1. Hope this helps. http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?sho...aded&start=
  3. Adobe CS3

    Had a similar experience and found this site. Maybe this will help you with your problem. http://www.itwriting.com/blog/225-adobe-cs...nt-install.html
  4. [HELP] CS 3 DreamWeaver

    Try this: http://www.adobe.com/support/deployment/cs3_deployment.pdf
  5. Acrobat Pro 8

    I haven't found a way to activate unattended but you might try looking at this thread and maybe get some idea as to how to activate it silently. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...robat&st=20
  6. Acrobat Pro 8

    Start the installation process. At the first prompt wait and go to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\Adobe Acrobat 8.0 All the installation files should be there. If you've setup your pc to use a different temp folder, go to that one...
  7. Acrobat Pro 8

    try this http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=3564
  8. Follow the instruction contained here for WinDVD 7 and you can install WinDVD 8 silently http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...8&hl=windvd
  9. Try this http://support.microsoft.com/Default.aspx?id=316529
  10. Best Peer-to-Peer Software

    Azureus by far!!!
  11. mce 2005 cd structure

  12. The new 5.1 is not working for me and I cannot figure out what I did wrong. I have never had a problem with any version up to this point. I copied my old config to the new WPI as I have done in times past but it loads a few applications and then goes into a continuous loop and never finishes. I tried loading only a few applications but the result is the same. I have attached my config and two of my WPI logs. Can someone please tell me whats wrong???? config.jsWPI_2_Log.rarWPI_Log.txt
  13. Gave up downloading.. ordered the DVDROM

    Took only two weeks for me
  14. Got Spare DDR ram?

    I've got a spare stick of 128mg DDR Corsair xms2400. What exactly are you needing?