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  1. Hi Guys Is it possible to automate Nero for burning DVDs or CDs. I am burning DVDs and its labourious. Is there are way I can write a batch file for this. GPM
  2. mdes you are the man thanks a lot - is it possible to take off the spacers 28-03-2004 21_* GPM
  3. Cool runnings - commomn sense is not so common, but how about a chuckle once a while Respect gpm
  4. thanks iam getting somewhere now - is it possible to craete an output file with date and time in one line, why because I want it that way to create a job # for my logo. I use a program called wintrieve to create the logo and put support info gpm
  5. please give me a quick tutorial on how to burn the XPCD thanx
  6. my strimlined xpcd does not boot. any suggestions GPM
  7. Yo This could be a hardware problem. You might want to check your Main board capcitors - if they are shorting and you will get that kind of loop. This is inherent in IBM Aptvista machines but any other pc can do the same. Cap short Ckting is caused by excess moisture or manufacture inefficiency. You might wanna check your memory as well. GPM
  8. On the cmd when I type Date i get " the current date is *****" " enter new date the same thing for time. Now I want to capture these parameters ( date and time) so that i can use the generated date and time in my answer file. is it possible gpm
  9. Hi I create my logo and assign a job for each XP install I do. My job number takes the date and time of the day I am working on a piece. eg 200403242038 and this never repeats. Now how can i create a batch file that can automatically assign the date and time so that i can generate this job number