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  1. download here put WGA_Validation_AddOn_1.9.40.0-2_-_redxii in the HFAAO folder. xable has them too, didn't test them. With the new "", I have got the same think : Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) Windows Genuine Advantage (KB905474) I haven't integrate WGA_Validation_AddOn_1.9.40.0-2_-_redxii because I don't know where is HFAAO folder. I need extrat 7z file in the HFAAO folder or integrate directly the 7z file ? Where is HFAAO folder ? Best regards
  2. Hi, I'm using this ISO to do clean installs. I haven't got $oem$ folder, addons ou silent installers folders. My ISO is just a installation CD XP POST SP3. (I have just winnt.sif + winnt32.sif) Folders "cmpnents", "DOCS", "DOTNETFX", "SUPPORT" and "VALUEADD" take 79.1 Mo. My "" : 21-05-2009 My "MUWEB_SITE.CAB" : 16-10-2008 (Your :06-08-2009) => This is the problem ? WGA_Validation_AddOn_1.9.40.0-2_-_redxii : how can use it ? Thanks !
  3. Hi, I have test this beta S (October 20, 2009). It's work with XP French : SP3 + IE8 + Last DirectX + WMP11. after reboot, I need install only : - Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) when access "Windows Update" - Windows Genuine Advantage (KB905474) when access "Windows Update" Thanks a lot ! The problem is iso file take 705 Mo (739,743,744 octets)
  4. Hi, Script doesn't work on my Windows version. I'm using French Windows XP SP3. View my SSIB.log Thanks ! SSIB.log.txt
  5. Thanks for informations. I'm waiting your list
  6. Hi, List "Tomcat76's Windows XP SP3 list" on => is not up-to-date. This list is abandoned ? Best regards
  7. Same problem with "Windows XP Professional SP3 French" and Hfslip 1.7.7, build 80604
  8. 3. I tried install ar812lite_FR.exe (in ar812lite_FR.7z) but : In C:\DOCUME~1\ADMIN\LOCALS~1\TEMP\7ZS19F.tmp\ : Folders : Common, CommonAppData, program files, Windows Files : ar.msi (3.5 Mo), msistub.exe (2.50 ko) Regards,
  9. Hi, Ar812lite_FR.7z doesn't work. AR 8.1.2 Lite doesn't exist ?? Thanks a lot
  10. Windows XP Pro French : windowsxp-kb905474-fra-x86_f0c1c38519a21b12e2ac9aeca3bb1c73beed23fa.exe This update can be integrate to HFSLIP 1.7.0 ?
  11. How can I integrate KB905474 and KB933360 with HFSLIP (in WinXP Pro French SP2) ? because Windows update says this kb is not integrate Best Regard. HFSLIP.LOG :