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  1. THANK YOU johnhc ,I want to try
  2. I want to change the wallpaper with nlite.(replace the "bliss" in system) please ask how to do? thanks.
  3. it have no use for appending key assignments to regedit? today I test,use the method but it flooey,
  4. MY system now can use the theme,I choose to can use the theme in nlite! now I enter system can see the theme! but wallpaper disappear! now I want to know how to append the wallpaper,how to set eyes on wallpaper after system install over! thanks
  5. user but I believe most people use administrator
  6. register here almost one week! now realize the forum basically! I am a student form china! I am interested in computer! My English is very weak,so excuse me please !I will learn English and knowledge about computer here! from now on,I need everybody's help! There are going to celebrate Olympic Games for 2008 in Beijing of china! then,welcome everyone to visit! last,I wish everyone bridge everyday happily!
  7. the theme is customed by download form internet! the name isn't Luna.theme, is Royale.msstyles I can't find out it in folder "I386", how to addpend wallpaper? if anyone know,please help me!thanks
  8. I want to replace it before make the ISO, but I don't know to replace which file, the oeminfo.bmp and oeminfo.txt put where ! please anyone know,please help me.thanks
  9. today,I nlite a XP, change a theme, but I found there is no wallpaper after enter system! I look for same date about this problem! but it still can't slove! so please everyone help me! thanks!
  10. How to append the "OEM information" with nlite?please! I want to append some personal information in property for my pc for picture:
  11. sorry,I have the version of chinese there have not english
  12. Now WINPE is very good. this problem should can slove
  13. yeah, I believe 1.4.1 is very well,tomorrow I will be use , then I will report the result,
  14. OK.thanks nuhi. tomorrow I will use the 1.4.1
  15. thanks, just I change the version, I use problem change 1.3.4----usual(no problem) so the reason from version of nlite just I download the V1.4.1,one moment install thanks nuhi^_^