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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Meyer, but even with twinui.dll and twinapi.dll there is no copy progress window.
  2. I've had good luck with using Visual BCD Editor.
  3. Have you managed to get the file copy-progress part of explorer working? With Win PE3 (Win7) it was as easy as copying shellstyle.dll, but there is more to it with this version. I would be content using a 3rd party file manager on my WinPE build, but I really would like Win8's file copy handling.
  4. Almost, except for the typo when applying. You're applying both images to the C:\ You can actually save both partitions in one .wim file with the /append function. imagex /capture c: g:\Dual-Boot.wim "Windows Vista" imagex /append d: g:\Dual-Boot.wim "Windows XP" then to apply it imagex /apply g:\Dual-Boot.wim 1 c: imagex /apply g:\Dual-Boot.wim 2 d: Yes, you should still get the Vista boot loader like before. Don't take my word for it though, find a test machine and try it out.
  5. I know this is an extremely old post, but was this ever figured out? I'm having the same problem and can not figure it out.