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  1. This can be done only for Firefox 4.0 but not for Firefox 5.0. The installations files aren't the same and the program isn't the same. Maybe that works for Firefox 5.0? The experiment has successfully Transferred files from the fourth to the fifth version using the file and successfully
  2. Very excellent This is required Thank you, allen2 & myselfidem
  3. Good Name this folder in my computer 82xmuy8s.default A named folder is different from one computer to another computer I want to copy your source code files that are inside this folder
  4. Thank you brother for your help But this is not required If you use Firefox Enter this code in Run %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles What is the name of the folder shown below
  5. Hello My question is in the Auto Play Media Studio 8 What method of determining the folder name is different from one device to another device, be in a specific path ## Example ## I want to specify the name of the folder in this path %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles The folder name varies from one device to another What is the code used
  6. Thank you all I did not expect to be ignored objective
  7. Thank you my brother, this information
  8. Hi How can I change the interface photoshop like this picture?
  9. BitDefender program when making a silent installation This message appears when the installation
  10. Thank you, my dear I wish you a happy life
  11. Please help me
  12. Hello I want to know the modus operandi of a silent installation of the program "Adobe Flash Pro CS5" Please do not ignore my request