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  1. I have Novell Client 4.9.1 that I need to remove and then I'm joining machines to a new AD network. How can I automate their removal of the client?
  2. Built In Tool for URL Blocking

    Thanks guys! IMHO, it should be a "feature" (setting) in IE, or 'that other browser'.
  3. Exchange OWA 2007

    Have you tried pointing the "OWA" virtual directory to the same location as the "EXCHANGE" virtual directory?
  4. I am looking for the fastest way to migrate local users' profiles to domain profiles. such as . . . . . . local: C:\Documents and Settings\Bob domain C:\Documents and Settings\Bob.<domain_name> File and Settings Transfer Wizard seems like a waste of time. Is there a script I can run that takes care of this? Better yet, is there a way to tell XP Pro that when I join a domain, leave my profile name alone, just keep using the same one? Any help appreciated. This is my first Novell -> Microsoft migration, so I have never had to deal with this before.
  5. Built In Tool for URL Blocking

    Just be aware that it blocks whole domains, not individual URLs. GL But with Active Directory / Group Policy, isn't there are more elegant method than to push a hosts file to 500 clients?
  6. I'm looking for a gpo setting or something like that to block urls. I don't just want them in the restricted zone, I want the url blocked. I don't want to make the change to DNS or the proxy server, I'd like to do it at the client (XP Pro). Thanks.