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  1. I have Novell Client 4.9.1 that I need to remove and then I'm joining machines to a new AD network. How can I automate their removal of the client?
  2. Thanks guys! IMHO, it should be a "feature" (setting) in IE, or 'that other browser'.
  3. Have you tried pointing the "OWA" virtual directory to the same location as the "EXCHANGE" virtual directory?
  4. I am looking for the fastest way to migrate local users' profiles to domain profiles. such as . . . . . . local: C:\Documents and Settings\Bob domain C:\Documents and Settings\Bob.<domain_name> File and Settings Transfer Wizard seems like a waste of time. Is there a script I can run that takes care of this? Better yet, is there a way to tell XP Pro that when I join a domain, leave my profile name alone, just keep using the same one? Any help appreciated. This is my first Novell -> Microsoft migration, so I have never had to deal with this before.
  5. Just be aware that it blocks whole domains, not individual URLs. GL But with Active Directory / Group Policy, isn't there are more elegant method than to push a hosts file to 500 clients?
  6. I'm looking for a gpo setting or something like that to block urls. I don't just want them in the restricted zone, I want the url blocked. I don't want to make the change to DNS or the proxy server, I'd like to do it at the client (XP Pro). Thanks.