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  1. i have not BLISS.JP in WPIScripts i download again the folder of WPI and i did not find the file
  2. i dont success...there are another option?
  3. i try the option to add registry information about the background..i change the custom.bmp but this dont work!
  4. how i can find help about silent install to office 2007 i didnt understand what the real guide..i need to easy guide... thank's
  5. 1. how i can replace the default background of xp to another image? 2.how i can make silen install to office 2007? i didnt find the post that explain how to do it.in addition i dont understant how to create MSP file thank's
  6. COOL400 thank you very very very much i love you!!! in addition my english is not very god therefore try to understand me i want to learn to create silent install for any software.where i can learn it? second i want to make silent switchless for icq6 in hebrew i can do it by change thw finstall file in the archive that i download?
  7. it is no help me i want to make switchless install for icq6.who can help me with "-switch"?
  8. i try all your option but i didnt success again in addition i try you 2 software that you gave me before and i didnt success for 3 software that i need waht i need to do?
  9. the software doesn't work for all the software i didn'd success to create switchless file who can help me?
  10. i dont understant what i need to write insted this: –switch i try to make switchless to icq6 but i didnt success
  11. i have the installation in hebrew but i dont know make cab filr for office.in addition the installation was needed serial waht i need to do