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  1. Hello there everyone! I'm just starting with Nlite, and I'm encountering a strange problem during the install of Nlite. I know that I need .net Framework 1.1 or 2.0. The problem is that after I do the framework install, which went OK, Nlite reads a error like (not exactly equal) "Cannot initialize program, click OK to terminate". The strangest part is that lang ago, Nlite worked once (ans great!), before the install of SP2. After that, nothing works . What is going wrong here? This problem is occuring after a fresh install of XP, with the factory device drivers, and the only manually added software is the Framework. Its a clean pc, with Zonealarm running. Thanx in advance!! Laptop P4 x86 Windows XP Home SP2, 512 MB, 60 GB HD.
  2. HI!

    Hello everyone! I'm a total newbie here, and just hanging around behind screen and keybord as a part of "hobby". Mid-aged, yeah... Noob, sometimes Trying many things an a old laptop and some other ancient cp-like stuff ;-) and therefore many crashes. Unattended reinstall is the word!!!! :-D Bye, Jeroen