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  1. is the marvell something counted as a non intel sata port? and i've already created a raid array so there is only 2 options, the raid 0 volume and the floppy. there are only this 2 options.
  2. ok, i read that you have to create a raid array via ctrl + I? i've already create 1 at raid 0 and set my 1st boot sequence to the raid 0 volume. but the system says that please set a boot device etc. but i've already set the 1st boot sequence. what should i do?
  3. alright, thanks... but now im having problems with the booting sequence. im using a MSI Neo2-FR motherboard. there is a mode where you can change the settings to either IDE, Raid or Achi. default settings was IDE and has no problems booting with the CD in drive. but when i switch to raid and place the first boot sequence to the CD, i was unable to do so. i entered the boot menu and all it showed up was the floppy and 2 hard disk.
  4. what do you mean by textmode drivers? i downloaded the drivers from the intel website and there seems to be a system file which cannot be added onto nlite... there are only iaachi and isator...