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  1. Hi, gora. Upacked files (Total Commander tool use Upack even if it shows "UPX" in settings.ini) are generically tagged as malicious/suspicious by some AVs. Below you can see Virustotal results of same file packed using UPX instead. So can UPX be considered best way to compress without AVs false detection risk? UPX packer:
  2. Thanx for reply :-) I hope Oleg_Sch will reply too (will modules support encripted archives?).
  3. AFAIK Oleg_Sch modules doesn't support encripted archives, isn't it? In my opinion it could be useful if I send a secret file to someone, so I simply have to say: "launch it, input password and enjoy it" (without have to extract, then browse to get it, then finally launch it). ATM WinRAR sfx can do it, so... why Oleg_Sch should have to not do it?
  4. Hi, I'm AlbatroS :-) First of all, thanx to Oleg_Sch and all contributors here. It's great what we can do with those modified SFXs! Hm, it seems AVs don't like its generated exe's: