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  1. lol i saw one Strange thing in My PC (P3-Cpu: Cyrix3 750 Mhz) / CPU-Z show My Level2 (L2) Cache Is 16 MB !!!!! Compare it with Intel Extreme Quad Core QX9770 With 12MB L2 Cache !!!!! U can see it in My ScreenShot / Is It True??!! Its Realy 16MB ??
  2. Thanx Ponch
  3. Hi Dear Friends.I have one MainBoard ( ATC-7401E ) Pentium3 With 750Mhz CPU and 128MB RAM-MY OS XP-Pro-SP2 Can I Use ADSL ( 128-256-512Kb/s) ??? OtherWise This MainBoard How Much Data Can Transfer With USB?-Thanx
  4. Hi Dear Friends.I Bought one Windows Vista Ultimate But it Cant Istall It. MY PC is Pentium3 (750MHz VIA-Cyrix3 CPU) My MainBoard is ATC-7401-i bought it in 2001. With 128MB SDram-32MB Internal Video Memory and 80GB IDE Maxtor H.D.D.What i Must Do For it Install? Thank You