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  1. "Can not open file "D:\prueba\Nero-' as archive" that happens when I drag the Nero 9 installer onto the the Extract.exe. all in the same folder. I am on Windows Server 2008 btw. EDIT: I have extracted it with 7-Zip 4.62 portable. thanks anyway
  2. the Extract.exe doesn't work. Should I use 7zip or something? thanks for your work
  3. Finally I have compiled my NeroLite with the last SDK1.16.1.2. Thanks a lot Acheron for your work. I had problems with the sripts, though. In NeroLite_europe.cmd it gives me an error "can't find c:\Program" It's a problem with the lines start /B /WAIT "PreProcessing - NeroLite_europe_lite.iss" /low "%InnoSetupPath%\iscc.exe" "NeroLite_main.iss" /dLite > NUL start /B /WAIT "PreProcessing - NeroLite_europe_micro.iss" /low "%InnoSetupPath%\iscc.exe" "NeroLite_main.iss" /dMicro > NUL To compile it I had to change them with: start /B /WAIT "PreProcessing - NeroLite_europe_lite.iss" /low "C:\Program Files\Inno Setup\Inno Setup 5\iscc.exe" "NeroLite_main.iss" /dLite > NUL start /B /WAIT "PreProcessing - NeroLite_europe_micro.iss" /low "C:\Program Files\Inno Setup\Inno Setup 5\iscc.exe" "NeroLite_main.iss" /dMicro > NUL It seems the %InnoSetupPath% only takes "C:\Program". Do you know how to fix this? My o.s. is Windows Vista SP1 Spanish. And thanks a lot darks0ul for the Recode SDK. Finally I can use Recode in my NeroLite. I also have some problems with the compilaton of the pack spanish version. It seems NeroRecode_eng.chm, NeroRecode_esp.chm and others files were not in the right folder. Anyway, I have copied them manually and now it works.
  4. Hi! First of all thanks a lot Acheron for last version of Nero Lite. I also want to add Recode to my Nero Lite installation. I have installed Nero (original install) with only Burning ROM, Express and Recode and it takes 20 minutes to install and 400mb of disc space! It seems Recode 3 (folder with 13Mb) uses lots of external .dll and .ax files. I also have captured the reg changes with Regshot and I am speechless. More than 5000 entries!! Isn't this too much? How to know which of these are truly necessary to use Recode3? I hope someone manages to add it to Nero Lite. For now I'm trying it but only I can get is a NeroAPI error. sorry for my bad english