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  1. Apples are also good for being overpriced and underspecced - most people I know who use them treat it more like a piece of furniture that a computer and tend to be more bothered about how a computer looks than what it can do The processors may get more instructions per clock cycle, but now they're still stuck with a low clockspeed and their fastest single CPU systems are dire compared to a PC of equivalant value
  2. Neowin has been a great site and hopefully will find a new host, until then I'll be camping out here and hopefully will have access to just as many helpful peeps when I run into tech troubles and need a feed of news
  3. My all time fav is Oceans 11 (the new version), just loved the film and plot. For pure fun though in second The Fast & the Furious, not for stella acting and amazing plot but for (much more important IMO) the fact that there are loads of nice birds and fast cars!
  4. Made me finally register and look twice at the site, used to pop in occasionally when the old site was up but never got round to registering. Good to see another community developing. Excellent design for site too.