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  1. Ive spent weeks trying to get a working raid 0 boot (no floppy and I'm not the most computer savvy person you will ever meet but god ****, this was so effing easy I didn't even use anything in winlite. I had a Windows xp pro corp copy I just recently got from newsgroups, put sp3(most recent release) on it. The service pack was downloaded separately. Anyways, it was 2 raptors trying to boot from a raid 0, and for some reason beforehand I couldnt get working for the life of me because of random stuff like not having a floppy drive or when i went out to buy a floppy drive it would just sit there unable to read any disk in it. The board was an Ecs PT890T-A v1.0 8237 south controller. Just did what he said in the 1st post, and I simply just added viamraid.sys in the i386 folder as an addition just incase, I loaded the oem text setup as THE only driver I in winlite. I was trying to do this for weeks before hand though just trying to teach myself (through more trial and error than research obviously =p) but ya Millan aka Gdragon you made this alot easier than everyone else was making it out to be, and Thank You very much for the post, even though it was like a few years ago, it still works with sp3 =p