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  1. 1. link to the relevant topic: 2. link to the Offfice Xp post sp3 update pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j0zdwe4woufmp80/OFFXPPostSP3.zip
  2. Thank you very much sir! After searching the forums I found on page 2 of this subsection a topic created by XPCLIENT with all office XP updates in a single package! Maybe someone can create a package with all office 2003 post SP3 updates - I will try to downloaad them all and see what I can do!
  3. I just installed windows 98 se on my oldest running machine and now I got to install office. As the latest version of office for windows 9X is office xp I installed that one however and I can’t find sp3 or any other uptates for it. Maybe some forum member can help me out with sp3 at least. Thank you very much.
  4. Then I got a serious problem here! On 3 different systems with XP and MSE 4.4 I got the same message! I am going do download MBAM to do a complete scan! Thank you anyway.
  5. I am talking about version 4.4, the one that does not nag the XP user with the message: support for this operating system has ended; not about the latest version.
  6. Since 14 of april 2016 there is no longer possible to update MSE; after multiple attempts on several systems the result is always the same: error code 0X800700c1! My guess is microsoft stop porting MSE updates to XP version of MSE! What good AV can still be used with XP - good performance and low on resources?
  7. Really great! Congrats rloew! Does that means we can use nvdia cards generation 8XXX and later? I ask because 7XXX cards are getting really hard to find in my country at least but nvidia 4xx and later are in good supply.
  8. I also use Windows XP as main OS together with office 2003 and found no reason to move beyond it; when i comes to productivity XP is still king! I also have 1 PC with Vista installed but I used that one only for gaming. I do not upgrade very often and I found that on old computers XP reigns supreme - don't believe all that people that tell you that windows 8/7 runs better on old hardware, it's all BS!! My main browser is Firefox, latest version.
  9. It worked!!! Deleted the key in the registry, installation went smooth, running IE7 on real hardware at the moment!! Thanks a lot! Now to setup the other 89 pc's left...
  10. Downloaded a copy from the link above. No luck! Installed XP in a virtual machine, SP2 only; IE7 installed just fine! Removed IE7 and installed SP3; afterwards installed again IE7. Installation went smooth, no problems. Must be some of the post-SP3 updates or the regfile used to transform XP in POS!
  11. 1. standalone installer. 2. yes, reg patch applied! 3. windows update does not offer IE7.
  12. That's the problem! Event viewer shows nothing related to the setup of IE7; the setup starts and aborts with the message: IE installation did not complete; please restart your system and that's it! IE6 is the only browser installed; no other browsers were ever installed on these systems.
  13. For compatibility purposes I am trying to install IE7 on several machines that have windows xp sp3. All other updates except IE and WMP have already been installed. However I am unable to instal IE7; the installation fails every single time and I could not find a workaround yet; searched the net and nothing came up! Any help it's much appreciated.
  14. I do not understand: why no support for Xp after april 8 when server 2003 which has the same kernel is supported until july 14 2015! It would give time to users to move if they want to and MS would use the same people that make patches for windows server 2003 to test those patches with XP!
  15. Thank you very much sir you just solved my problem!