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  1. Hello, I have been trying quite a bit and cannot get it to work even though I am following the instructions. I run XP prof sp2, on a GA-P35-DQ6. I have the latest bios version. My windows drive shows as G:, and the boot drive is slave on channel 2 when running IDE. Currently, I have two (IMHO) relevant serial ata storage controllers in device manager: 2920 and 2926. I have four SATA-devices on 2920 (2 HD, 2DVD) and none on 2926. Thus, I do not bother about 2926. What I am registering looks like yours, though I use 2920 instead of 2923 (and no mention of 2926). In my registry, I now have "ControlSet002" - "ControlSet004", with current = default = 3, failed = 1, lastknowngood=4, thus I put the registry keys into "003" instead of "001" but still no go. Any advice would be very appreciated!