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  1. Since we have install IP pHone , we have problem with the RIS Serveur. situation: Two DHCP configured to lease IP to Machine and Phone, we have two building connected with routers, and we have somes Cisco switchs. Bluiding 1: all serveurs (Dcs, exchange etc..), somes clients XP builiding 2 : only client machines (XP) building 1 and building 2 are connected with routers. when i want to install a machine I have the following sequence: the machine receive a configuration DHCP ( IP, gateway etc....) following by: TFTP (1s) MTFTP........ ( 3mn maybe more) and PXE-E32 : TFTP open timeout TFTP. PXE-T01: file not found PXE-E3B:TFTP error file Not Found PXE-M0F existing intel PXE ROM operating system not found I add these options ( 60 66 and 67 ) to dhcp I think problem may come from switch or routetr Please Help
  2. The sif file is correct,$1\drivers containt the necessary drivers. [identification] JoinDomain=%MACHINEDOMAIN% DoOldStyleDomainJoin=Yes After the installation is finished, the computer doesnt' belong to domain. this the driver I used sp38485.exe from here : Please Help .
  3. I have the same problem, in my environment I have two image (WinxP +sp1) and (Winxp+sp2), I integrate the drivers Sata (AHCI8) (iata78_enu.exe) following the Intel instruction. This what happend: The system copy the files, format disk and copy the file again and the system restart the computer ( I think before Gui installation) , I get blue screen.with 0x0000007B (0xF789E63C, etc...) My situation: Dc5700 with two disks , the first disk has two partitions ( C and E), the E partition content recovery file and It's hiding as partition. I suspect IRQ problem conflict !! Any Iea
  4. Situation : HP DC5700 with two drivers The first drive has two partitions : C and E ( recovery) The second drive has one partition. The controllers : Intel® ICH8 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 2825 Intel® ICH8 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 2820 the drivers are integrated to RIS Image ( Windows XP SP1). Setup load the files, start formatting the disk , and show this message : Setup was unable to format drive C:. The disk may be damaged. Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated Any idea ! Thank you.
  5. I have image on RIS server I need help to integrate Dc 5700 drivers controller. First on one machine I setup manually I can see (atapi.sys, pcide.sys, pciidex.sysy) as driver for Intel ICH8 2 ports Serial ATA storage controller 2825 and Intel ICH8 4ports Serial ATA storage controller 2820and InteI. No iastor or others. Can you help please : Which drivers I have to use ? How to integrate them in image ? Thank You lot