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  1. Fernando I need some help from you please. I have a dell 1520 laptop that has ata turned on right now and the properties states that it is an ich8m. When I recieved the machine it was running vista with a AHCI Enabled. Since then I have turned AHCI off and installed xp Pro and vista. I have a hard drive and a blueray burner on it and would like to reenable AHCI. I downloaded the available textmode drivers from dell and used nlite to integrate them. It is not currently finding my drive when I turn ahci back on and when windows is loading I never get anything that says that it is trying to install any of the drivers that I am adding. Should the driver description show up on the bottom when they are loading? Also researching the slipstreaming I know that youa re supposed to put them in specific folders and edit boot scripts and stuff. Does Nlite do this stuff for me, and if so where do i look to confirm proper installation so that I can rule out hardware vs. software problems. Thanks