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  1. Oh ok Well looks like will have to download them manually.
  2. I know that one. Nah some time ago it was part of XPCreate. It downloaded all updates from website .
  3. I'm back after a long break and see lots of new stuff. However I cant find a small program that was downloading all hotfixes for win XP it was really great utility. I have tried search but I cant remember a name of it. Anyone have link to it please.
  4. I feel it too. And beside of this many people helped with program by testing it providing feedback. I was helping in a very early stage of development and spent few long nites reinstalling 4-6 times whole windows. I dont think this program would get this far without comunity support. I dont blame anyone but I'm tired with it. Good luck with a program. I think i will be happy with the way I always was doing it.
  5. Hey, at least you got a reply even if it was a rejection for some unknown and never to be spoken in public places reason. That's more than they have been nice enough to do to me. Maybe I messed up the 'test' so bad that I didn't rate a reply even though I, like you, filled it out to best adhere to one of the many ways one could read into the rules and regulations. The last message on this thread suggests filling it out to the many ways that it can be read to mean. That way, we might get lucky and get one way right. I just don't understand why, if you fail the 'test', why they can't just be nice enough to tell you exactly what you did wrong instead of all this secrecy. What did David call it..... COURTESY! I thought M$ took the cake with their stupid activation scheme but I think this one is giving M$ a run for the money when it comes to all this crazy do this and do that, pass this test and jump that bar while holding one hand behind you back and rubbing your tummy type of stupid getting the right to use much less get your hands on the package scheme. At least M$ will tell you up front exactly why you didn't pass the stupid little exam so you know exactly where to put your attention next time take the exam. Here, it seems all you get is: --> one, or more, of the following reasons: - Incomplete Personal Information - Incorrect order of request text: Personal Information, "I agree" Statement, EULA - Unacceptable email address - Unacceptable Personal Information Now, that really tells you a hell of a lot about what you supposed to have done wrong on your little exam. PPC <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry but done all that. I put my name and surname my ISSP email address Agreed with EULA and pasted whole lot as instructed. I'm not comp about it but I think it will be best for all if we got format righ. One think that comes to my mind is that i maybe should delete informations for company since I want only freeware. Buut I couldnt find anything at all. @ Dave Whitley Thanks for taking a time and a long reply. Nah not sarcasm or criticism. The reason I have posted is to get it right so GM will have lesser headache and we get a chance to try XPC.
  6. Nah the problem is I got reply today and it said: ...All requests for Usernames and Passwords are handled semi-automatically, and your request could not be processed for one, or more, of the following reasons: - Incomplete Personal Information - Incorrect order of request text: Personal Information, "I agree" Statement, EULA - Unacceptable email address - Unacceptable Personal Information ........... But anyway I'll wait...
  7. After 2 emails and long days of waiting i have received email saying my request couldnt be processed. At this point i have no idea what else. here is my email: First Name : xxxxx Last Name : xxxxx Email : Screen Name : czaja74 Version : freeware ---------- FOR COMMERCIAL REQUESTS ---------- Company Name : Company Address : Your direct telephone number : Hours you can be reached : Number of computers in your company : I have read and agreed to the terms of the following EULA """""BODY OF THE EULA""""""
  8. I have tried it. It started really promising but because I started from DOS it couldnt see my RAID 0 setup and all installation went to backup hdd. Looks like I will have to forget about installation from hdd. Shame it looked about 7 times faster
  9. Actually it still does it. After some time it will add new program if that program was used more often that one one the list.
  10. Thanks I will give it a try.
  11. I have asked that question before. I have a backup HDD in removable rack. I wanted to put all files there and make as a bootable HDD or boot from floppy and point to setup so it would install from HDD. I think it will be much faster to do HDD install than installing from CD. Well.... After many tries and no help I gave up
  12. Outpost and Norton corporate all the way down. Didn't let me down even once.
  13. Here is what I want to do but I dont know how. I want to be able to boot PC from the FDD or from the CD but have somthing that would point to the installation files on the HDD and actually install from there. I would like to use winnt.sif as well. Anyone has an idea how to do it? Will something like this work or I will need to change something else? E:\InstallationCD\I386\winnt32.exe/unattend:E:\InstallationCD\I386\winnt.sif I'm not sure if I didnt miss any spaces. And also what I should put on that floppy to make it works?
  14. Actually it happened half way while copying it during reduco of source.