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  1. hi adding software to xp cd you can add them by svcpack method no need to nlite or ryanitegrator just add any update to your xp cd by cmdline svcpack.inf will be created in i386 folder now manually edit this svcpack.inf to add all your software installation adding silent swithes like for firefox -ms. nlite does it automatically for you For login screen replace logonui.ex_ in xp cd with your logonui.exe converted by compresssin bin to logonui.ex_ As for removing xp boring wallpaper just search for bliss, ascent autumn azul etc all .jp_ extract them with 7zip .now change all boring wallpapers with the wallpaper you like retainng their window name..again convert all your new wall paper *.jpg to *.jp_by compressionbin software add your custom theme in your winnt.sif and it will be applied addind more wallpaper and themes do it by making sfx installer for the same
  2. the simple method of installing dotnet framework & other applications is through svcpack just slipstream sp3 in your xpsp2 cd integrate all updates then browse to svcpack folder put all your applications you can search silent installers from here then in I386 folder open svcpack.inf & put entries of your applications with silent switches if any as for IE7 install it by runonce for appl in dir in xp use $OEM$ folder
  3. youcam 4 is installshield installer. 1 : extract with universlal extractor 2: open run commad & browse run setup.exe -R command insert your key no & other thing 3 :copy setup.iss from your windows directory to the extracted setup folder click yes to replace file 4: Now make a winrar sfx of your extracted file with following rar comment ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=setup.exe /s /v /qn ENLANG=1 TempMode Silent=2 Overwrite=1
  4. I386\DRW is safe to delete that way installation completes faster from 9 min to 2 min in ajiffy
  5. Nero has released Nero ver9.4.12.3d free basic cd burning software please any one has made silent installer link is HERE Thanks in advace
  6. make an admin install, open with universal extractor then make installer with winrar or 7zsfx command msifile /qb
  7. first tell us whether u want to make a new cd with English lang or want eng-us added to ur already installed XP if it is first case change ur language in winnt.sif file LanguageGroup=1 SystemLocale="0409" UserLocale="0409" manually add required files if deleted and make new iso as for 2nd option add eng-us lang through control panel\Regional & language option
  8. for changing the billboad screen you have to edit your winntbbu.dl_ refer to the page;mode=threaded with winntbbuEd_3.1.exe you can change your setup screen .logos,progress animation.font size etc
  9. Check your winnt.sif whether these entries there [unattended] UnattendMode = FullUnattended UnattendSwitch = "Yes"
  10. Hi,I have downloaded your slipstreamer very good suggetion from me enable .msp file in hotfix & updates as full file in exe format has to be downloaded again. in automatic update you can copy .msp file from windows\software distribution\download folder Hope you will consider my request Thanks & Best regards
  11. To remove any addon from nlited cd you have to remove entries from following 3 files 1: dosnet.inf remove all entries of & addonname.inf 2: txtsetup.sif remove all entries of & addonname.inf 3: sysoc.in_ open by using 7zip remove the line containg addonname.inf & save the file Now repack using Compression bin jcarle utility Here if it is svc pack addon there is no entry in dosnet & txtsetup remove addonname.exe from svcpack folder & open svcpack.in_ using 7zip remove addonname.exe & save the file Now repack using Compression bin
  12. from the command it seems you are installing from dos where you put your tweaks for applying while installing from dos $oem folder should be placed inside I386 folder
  13. you are infected with spyware run spybot S&D this virus/spyware make autorun on all partitions
  14. yeah same problem of repeated restart after textsetup but only on via hyperion motherboard .for intel ,nvidia install perfectly.maybe some microsoft updates clashing?