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  1. Well, I would think that saying that a piece of software that does such a basic thing is "complete" is rather brave to say the least.... Here are some simple things to improve: - ability to accept silent installers, like the RVM Integrator - option to remove the Win98-ME-NT folders inside I386 (see a topic at the RyanVM board - Literally dozens of more tweaks, like: power management, delete confirmation eliminate (the first delete, when things get into the recycle bin), host of IE8 (in general, IE) tweaks... - More services for setting their default behaviour Here is an important conceptual thing to improve in the area of tweaks: Clearly separate tweaks which are system-like and which are user-like. And one (unusual) step further: ability to tweak the user that becomes the default user (this is what's happening now) and separately the built--in administrator user (optionally, of course) I am even willing to lend a hand, if I can (I am not a programmer, but there are plenty of non-programming things to do, like in the tweaks area) to put my money where my mouth is. This is indeed a GREAT piece of software.... and that is exactly the reason why it can never be really complete... SST
  2. I would like to confirm this. It is annoying since DizzyDen's update pack does not sem to have the maddening Kabul Time Zone bug that Ryan's pack has. SymSpaceT