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  1. I have some more info. looking at the settings on my laptop: c:\lanacfg showlanapaths Lana: 0-->NetBEUI Protocol-->3Com 10/100 Mini PCI Ethernet Adapter Lana: 8-->NetBEUI Protocol-->WAN Miniport (NetBEUI, Dial Out) Lana: 6-->NetBEUI Protocol-->WAN Miniport (NetBEUI, Dial Out) #2 Lana: 7-->NetBEUI Protocol-->WAN Miniport (NetBEUI, Dial Out) #3 Lana: 2-->WINS Client(TCP/IP) Protocol-->Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)-->3Com 10/100 Mini PCI Ethernet Adapter You can see that netbeui is bound to lana 0, which is where our software does its communicating with the file server. I also found this on MS's website
  2. Greetings All. I found this site through one of your mods(Bah) and I have a unique situation that I need help with. The software company I work for uses a dos based point of sale program that needs to have the netbeui protocol set as the default @ lana 0. In win9x all I had to do was check the 'set this protocol to be the default' in network properties. In Win2k I had to use a tool called lanaconfig_wu.exe and change the priority from a command prompt. Herein lies my problem. I need to make this program run on WinXP until our new software is released. Since netbeui is not officially supported in XP, I am having a problem trying to find a tool to change the priority. The tool I mentioned above allows me to view the settings but I cannot modify them in any way. Does anyone know of a tool or a way to set netbeui as the default on lana 0? If necessary I can send you the existing tool that I have if that will help at all. TIA.