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  1. Command Line Help

    Thanks for your reply and trying to help. I found that if I change the "User's account" to System when running the task i don't get the Dos window. Again thanks for your suggestion.
  2. Command Line Help

    Vista Ultimate x64 I'm using the Task Manager to run a Windows Defender Quick scan which works OK except a Taskeng (command) window appears on screen until Quick scan is completed. Run Command produces the same result. Closing the window causes an error in Defender. Is there a way to suppress this window with a change to this command line ? Any help would be appreciated! "C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe" Scan -ScheduleJob -WinTask
  3. Here's how to Fix WMI Event ID 10, "InstanceModificationEven

    Ultimate 32 bit Thanks for the tip. I deleted the folder contents from another OS (after backup), rebooted, original error gone, 3 additional errors created. 3 reboots later the additional errors cleared up, didn't have to do anything else.
  4. SFC/WFP Popup

  5. SFC/WFP Popup

    Thank you for your replies and the information but I'm not understanding or I'm not asking the question correctly. Yes, I can disable sfc but this isn't my first choice. I don't want to create another CD. I want to repair my operating systems if possible but I don't understand what exactly is causing the sfc popups. What is the error that nlite has caused? Can this be repaired?
  6. SFC/WFP Popup

    Yes this is an option but is there a fix?
  7. SFC/WFP Popup

    That means I would have to reinstall several OSs and it isn't that big of a hassel. If I understood what exactly was causing the problem the I might could find a solution?
  8. SFC/WFP Popup

    In May of 07 I created an unattended install CD using nLite 1.3 with an OEM XP Home SP2 recovery CD. I was amazed that this could be done and a big thanks to those who are responsible for this project. I have had only one issue and after searching the boards I can see that it was a long standing one, the SFC/WFP popup. Many many posts on this and I was wondering if someone could guide me to the fix for this. I'm not wanting to create another install CD but I would like to know how to repair my OS if possible. Is there a fix other than turning off WFP.? Thanks