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  1. my SP3 XP PRO created by nlite (Essentially XP SP2 nlited by SP3 package released by Microsoft) doesnot accept IE7 addon . It doest integrate the addon ,but testing setup on VMWARE 5.5 reveals that OLD IE6 is still in place !!! The same problem was replicated when integrating addon by RyanVM Integrator ! Any one with the same problem ??? Any help ??? @nlite developer : can we extract contents of IE7.exe then place them into $OEMS$\$1\Program Files\ Internet Explorer ?? Will this do the trick ?? Any other solution ?? I heard a rumor that MS has built-in mechanism in SP3 to refuse IE7 as they claim it should be Vista-specific browser.
  2. I created an unattended install of office 2003 using the method described in I made a cmd file containing the necessary command (.....unattended.mst /-qb) etc.. I tried it on my machine , it worked ok Install files are in $OEM$ file etc.... Now How I tell nlite to excute that cmd file after nlited xp sp3 setup is finished ??? Please give me details and explaining pics if possible thanks...