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  1. I gather you don't realise just how huge a subject you just asked about aumha has good concise articles to begin your studies please do yourself a favour and read every Article and FAQ listed on that page
  2. the_guy hasn't posted in this topic since Oct 2, 2007 erpdude8 What with 9 months to be born, 9 months to declare a project abandoned is a fairly safe measure Best to get mod/admin approval jic though, even if no one appears to know what happened After 2 yrs of dedicated commitment, on the verge of an RC, without a word to at least you or MDGx, is a bit odd I do hope he and his loved ones are ok. I'm pretty sure, that most of us know you'll do the right thing by him, if/when you do take it over... even us lurkers I'd hate to see all the effort everyone has put into this, to be just left hanging on the edge of completion. If nothing else, it should be finished in memorial jic, he deserves that much regardless.