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  1. Thank you very much for the comprehensive answer! I will try.
  2. Hi again, Rado! I try to do this, what you've wrote, but I failed. I've extracted files and put them in selfextracting file with winrar, but don't know what path to put for the selfextracting archive. Would you help me. And I don't know how to pack file like addon. What mean this? Because nlite works with .exe files and sfx file is .exe. Sorry for my ignorance. I'm layman as you see.
  3. Thank you again, Rado! (Премного благодаря!) I will try.
  4. Hi to all, guys! And thanks to Rado for all his jobs! (Между другото, съм българин) I need addon for one freeware program - Medieval CUE Splitter. I can't find it's silent switch. If somebody can help me to make addon for it - i will be very grateful. And one other question - how to find silent switches about this programs, whitch USSF can't find? Thanks a lot.