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  1. I got it to work after I change the sata mode in bios from AHCI to compatibility. Any idea why
  2. I am having the same problem. Replacing the modified ntdetect.com does not solve the problem for me.
  3. In the Menu Screen did you use Option 0) to Change the Setting in USB-Harddisk instead of USB-stick ? Because that makes that rdummy.sys is used and this is essential for using USB-Harddisk. rdummy.sys makes Fixed USB-Harddisk seen in XP Setup as Removable Device. Read more about it in the Help File. wimb Yes I did.. maybe i should try on thumb drive but i only have a 8gb usb stick and i cant format it using petousb
  4. I tried installing win xp using the txt mode but after loading for a while just after it says windows is starting I will get the BSOD 7b error. I tried on two different computer and used two different win xp source disc but still cant get over this problem. I am using a usb hard disk. I need some help here thanks.