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  1. I managed to create a USB disk through USB_MultiBoot3.cmd and booted it up on my Thinkpad X60 The problem is that after I choose Text Setup, I get a 0x0000007B blue screen error and I cannot proceed with setup My HDD is SATA and I have chosen YES in the migrate.inf settings HELP PLZ...
  2. Solved ===== This process requires fsutil.exe in the same directory as the USB_Multiboot3.cmd file. Copy and paste and all is good
  3. I am trying to use USB_Multiboot3.cmd and in the menu list, I can't seem to designate my USB-drive In the menu, I have chosen "Change USB-Drive Target" and I then designate my USB stick which I have formated with PeToUSB accordingly to the settings stated in the help text (Enable Disk Format, Enable LBA(FAT16X), Enable File Copy) It then states that "***** F: has NOT FAT FAT32 or NTFS Format and is NOT Valid *****" I have tried both of my Sony 4GB USB stick and my Samsung 1GB USB stick and they all give me the same results.. Help plz