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  1. Folder Tree on the left side of Explorer

    Try to reset all your windows. This is the sequence I go through when im setting up a profile for the first time: Close all windows and programs. Double-click on My Computer to open it up. Select VIEW and check 'Status Bar' and 'Details'. Goto TOOLS/Folder options and goto VIEW tab. Uncheck "Display simple folder view.." and any others you wish to remove. Make sure to uncheck "Launch folder windows in separate process." Make sure to CHECK "Remember each folder's view setting." Next in same window, click RESET ALL FOLDERS button and select "Yes." Next and lastly, click APPLY TO ALL FOLDERS button and select "Yes." Now when you right-click on the start button (or anything else) and select Explore, it will open up in same window with all selections in detail view on right-side. Hope this helps.
  2. System Indicator on Desktop

    Thats what I was looking for! Something simple for the servers to have on the desktops. Ive seen clear type or see through type on a linux laptop a guy had, but he might of programmed that himself. Thanks Jono! K
  3. System Indicator on Desktop

    Does anyone know where to find a program that will put system info on your desktop. Example would be Disk Usage, Computer Name, Logged on User, etc, in clear text that sits on top of whatever wallpaper you are using?? Ive seen it in Linux versions, but cant find it for Windows XP. Thanks, K