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  1. if the computer is not in the domain its not possible to login with an account domain
  2. you must to create a database in xml, mdb, mysql, ... and make a authetication. wthat´s the problem? Example:
  3. try
  4. Hi You have a tuturial also in You can search in google that you will find more tutorials: I prefer using the object iframe
  5. Send your mails using html and cdo.
  6. Hi you can do that in flash. maybe this will help you
  7. Hi How can i install certificates .cer and .pfx automatically using a web browser without intervention of the user. Any idea? Thanks
  8. Did you try recovery console ?
  9. why you don´t use a roaming profile ?
  11. update and clean. try again dont work ? reinstall internet explorer
  12. can you show use the error ? can you give us more information why you can´t do that ?
  13. i danish i cant replicate your problem but try this: can you access from one to the other computer ? can you see the two computers when you open My Network Places ? if yes, in security tab you click add, location. now i think you can see the two locations ? if yes you change the location and give permissions to the required user. if not... tell me . i will try to replicate your problem. sorry my english
  14. are you sure you have a windows xp professional !?!??! right mouse button - properties - security if the tab security dont appear then open explorer - tools - folder options - view - use simple file sharing (recomended)
  15. maybe you have unninstall some dll´s... reinstall the aplication and try if it works unnistal the application and when ask for delete the files ... you select no