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  1. yeah, that's what i thought those were for, but it doesn't seem to work for me. the image in my last post, i had the width set at 10 and the height set and 5. Style[0]=["white","black","","center","","4","black","gray","","left","","3","10","5","3","black","2","24","0.5","","","","3","","",""]; here's another image of what it looks like i get the same results no matter what values i put in there. the only way the box gets bigger is if i make the font size larger --------------------------------------------------------------- ok i see now... i need to use BIG numbers.
  2. This is the problem im running into. It seems the widest i can get it, is the largest size allowed for the tooltip image (256). it doesn't seem to have a problem adjusting vertically, but as u can see, it cuts off in a few of them as shown in the example. How can i make the tooltip box wider, OR get it to stay within the screen size and not be cut off. thx
  3. Just wondering if WPI already has these options integrated. I read in the forums something about it going to be added, but i havn't seen anything else about the topic after that. If so, where/or how would i enable that option. thx
  4. -------------------------- that is SO weird. That is exactally how i have it too. Im guessing im packaging my installer incorrectly, but i did follow the exact steps that kel gave me. i'll try the one u got and let u know how it goes. thanks guys!!! --------------------------- i works!!! so obviously i'm doing something wrong when im creating my installer. I'm going to compare my installer with your to figure out where i went wrong. i can sleep now...
  5. i just can't seem to get the installer to work, or even do anything at that. i'm going with your plan A - Making me a nice installer. and, so you don't have to register, i have uploaded the CAL ACS application onto filefront. CAL ACS MY PROGRESS i realized that these are dos commands and i used the DIRCOPY command to copy my "CAL Maps" folder to DIRCOPY "Install\CAL\CAL Maps" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\CAL Maps" Now, seeing how this installs (copies) fine with WPI, i figured i could use the FILECOPY command to do the same thing for my ACS program seeing how i just need the application on the desktop. I want to place the contents of the CAL ACS folder onto the users Start Menu Programs List and the ACS application also on the desktop (don't care if its another copy or a shortcut). To place the contents onto the Start Menu Programs List, i used this command: DIRCOPY "Install\CAL\CAL ACS" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\CAL" I guess all i need to know how to do from here is to place a shortcut onto the desktop. I tried using the FILECOPY command, but i does not work with the .exe. It did work, however, with the text file that i tried. Does FILECOPY not work with .exe files? This is the command that i tried to use. It is in the CMD2 line, under the above DIRCOPY command. This one did not work: FILECOPY "Install\CAL\CAL ACS\cal acs.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\cal acs.exe" This one did work: FILECOPY "Install\CAL\CAL ACS\filecopy.txt" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\filecopy.txt" what am i not doing? I understand what the winrar installer is intened to do, but i cant get mine to work right. WPI starts the install, finishes the install, but nothing happens. Not folders are created, and no icons are on the desktop. HELP
  6. i hope this is what u were asking for. ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=CAL SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 Shortcut=D, "CAL ACS.exe", "", "", "CAL ACS" Shortcut=P, "CAL ACS.exe", "CAL League Files", "", "CAL ACS" also, should i leave out the .sfx and just have the filename as "cal acs.exe"? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i tried it and i got this when i double clicked the file i made ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ok, i extracted the app i made in winrar and added that extrated file into my install folder. no more nasty messages, but it is not installing. WPI gives me the red X for failed install.
  7. I was going to download cal and make you a nice pretty installer and icon for it. But the only site I could find it at you have to register to dl it... ah, i see. Well, thanks for the info, didn't know winrar could do all that. i made the sfx package, but what is the command that i use in WPI? is it the same one i've been using for the other applications? cmd1[pn]=["%wpipath%\\Install\\CAL\\CAL ACS\\cal acs.sfs.exe"]; when i install this through wpi, i get An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line: 380 Char: 26 Error: Permission denied Code: 0 URL: about:blank but when i install this through wpi with just the application file it works fine. do i have to run this as admin maybe?
  8. BUT I am not going to register on yet another site just to dl it. If you are interested please tell me and I will pm you my email. See, like this here... I don't even understand what u are talking about. Why would you have to register on another site, and what are you downloading?? I can register and dl too i just didn't know i had to dl something. This is why i say that i'm missing some basic knowledge or concept and need to learn.
  9. Thanks Kel, Yeah, my problem is i don't know how to do any of this but i liked WPI so much i decided to take the time to try and learn. Any help is greatly appreciated. I would actually prefer links to sites with info or just info from yourself as to what the basic things i need to understand. I have no problem with the .exe files. My biggest problem is trying to find information that doesn't start at step 5. A lot of the info given is past the first few basic steps, or are really general. The only thing i found about CPU Z is people made batch files (which i know nothing about) or they said they used winrar to make it a .sfx file. I tried that, but couldn't get it to work. i used the ussf to get the switch, but wpi was still giving me errors so this is why i know that i'm missing some concept or skipping a step. all i could find for info was "i just us winrar to make .sfx". i noticed it became an executable but don't know what to do from there becuase it does not work in wpi like the other .exe files i have set up as there isn't any setup file. Im wasting too much time looking for information. i spent an hour looking around trying to figure out how to use the %extract% cmd and only found one topic on it, which had no replies if i remember correctly. are all these commands the same as you would use in a DOS console? This is what i would like to learn how to do: Add CPU Z or CAL ACS to WPI and have an Icon placed on the Desktop When i click "begin install," I would like the file to be extracted to program(x86) and the CPU-Z icon to be placed on the users desktop. With WPI, when i click "begin install," it RUNS the application, CPU-z or CAL ACS as there is nothing to install. I do not need either of those programs to be run until the user double clicks them from their desktop. thanks in advance for your time.
  10. is there a command to have WPI add a desktop icon? Im still trying to figure out how to setup my CAL, but if anybody has CPU-z done, let me know as they are packaged the same way. my CAL application runs after i install it through WPI. i just want to be able to put the CAL ACS icon onto a users desktop. How do i do this? Also, is there a way to just COPY contents of a folder to a users drive through WPI? I would like to be able to select "CAL Maps" in WPI and have it be the CAL MAPS folder be downloaded onto the users desktop as there is nothing to install.
  11. Cal ACS

    i'm trying to include CAL ACS into my WPI. It is an anti cheat system from CAL (Cyberathelet Amateur League). when i dl, it gets saved as a .rar and when i extract it, i can see the CAL ACS Application Icon. There is not setup file though. how do i get it to install if there isn't a setup file? it is pretty much like cpu-z after it is extracted. No setup files, just the application. I looked on the cpu-z version i have and it is a cpu-z.sit file, so i don't even know what that is. i got it from a utitlity cd.
  12. Slipstream SP1 fails

    i have the same stage 3 error it keeps reboots itself and sounds like the manual Sp1 update am using a vlited vista x64 retail used vLite 1.1.6 Final, the other versions worked fine the problems comes after running windows update i had the same error. tried it 3 times before i realized that i was trying to slipstream the 32bit sp1 into my 64bit sp1. make sure u have the right update. the tutorial is the for 32 bit (x86) vista sp1 slipstream. hope this helps i am using vista ultimate 64 bit
  13. WPI v6.5.1

    thanks...i found it myself after reading what u wrote lol...didn't comment out my template. learned my lesson...no more troubleshooting after hour 6 :wacko: thank kel
  14. WPI v6.5.1

    now im getting errors i passed my mouse over my BORGChat application in WPI and in the tooltip, it was X'ed out, so i went into the config file and i did not have the path to the folder set to either the install or the image. So, i did that. That is when i started getting all these errors. This is the error i get when i try to launch WPI I do not have any categories. this is all i see when i select the drop down box This is the error message i get when i exit out of the Config tab here is my config file config.js thx for ur time
  15. WPI v6.5.1

    I have had problems when having both the newer version of WPI and the older versions on my system. i was editing the older versions of my wpi when i noticed that there was an update. i did not quit know how to go about doing the upgrade and i did not receive any reply to my question so i went ahead and tried it myself. I figured out that the config file was the one that i was going to need to get copied over and this is how it happend. initially, i thought i had copied the config file to the new WPI. I continued to work on the NEW version thereafter. Keep in mind, that i am only trying to set different backgrounds and move some of the icons around to customize my WPI screen. I was not doing any entries into the config file. after hours of trial and error at trying to change the border sizes and other stuff, i finally got it to look how i wanted it everything was perfect except the tooltip box was too short, but whatever. i deleted my old WPI folder and files. now this is where my moment of glory turns into s***. i double click the WPI icon to admire my work one last time before i go to sleep (@ 9:30 am :wacko: ) and all i see is my background settings and no text. i remember the exact thing happening to me before. this was the exact reason that i quit working on my WPI project. I deleted the older version, and then the new version that was working fine, stoped working. At that point, i couldn't figure it out...so i retired WPI half completed and under construction. Anyways, back to yesterday. It made no sense to me but i decided to restore the deleted WPI folder for 6.3 i think (6.5 is the new one right?). I KNEW if i restored that folder, my WPI v6.5 would work. And guess what, IT DID. When nothing works right, or makes sense, join the situation and do something that makes no **** sense too. It seems to work quite too often. I understand what "Stupid is, is stupid does" means now i think the config file is getting located somehow by the application. Is it set to search only within the orig WPI folder, or just that specific file? There were a few times where i would run it and my applications would finally show up, but the theme settings were not the same. weird stuff. Forgot to mention that i was using the Glossy Theme for the 6.3 and when i copied that over, i was informed it was not compatible with the new one. this is how i had my wpi folder structured: WPIProject/wpi 6.5/WPI <--- i ran THIS WPI Application. There was no config file located here. WPIProject/wpi 6.3/WPI <--- the config file that was being used by WPI 6.5 was located in this WPI folder. after deleted and restoring about 8 times, i finally figured out i was missing the config file. LONG story...but hopefully my point was made. I guess when the stupid train picks you up for a ride there no getting off.