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  1. So, nobody can help me to add COM+ to an already installed XP ? I'd hate to reformat it all Thanks for the help
  2. PI telemetry programs need COM+ I learned this the hard way
  3. Hello all, I made an nlite XP SP3 and all is well except that now of course I need to have COM+ and DCOM for some telemetry program and I didn't include it in the nlite disc... Is there a way to add it without reformating all Thanks for the help
  4. Hello, Normally in your nlite files you should have a i386 folder, inside and NLDRV folder and inside this one a 001 folder which contains the iastor.sy_ file which is the compressed file... just change the pe logfile to look for iastor.sy_ instead of iastor.sys and all should be fine....
  5. Hello all, I've just discovered nlite and I wanted to use it on my new dell laptop (inspiron 1720) mainly to put the native sata drivers. I have made a first XP cd with nlite and all was fine, except for a few mistakes in the settings, I have set the focus window to change as soon as the mouse comes over the said windows and I just cannot stand this, so I told myself I'd make another CD without this option, the problem is that when I boot on the new cd all is fine until the final reboot after all the installation is done and I get this bad pool call error and the computer stops. I have tried to check the config files from nlite and one of them (the good old one) is 38k and the new one is 18k, I cannot understand that such a small change can make the config file twice as big (I have also removed the option to add the drive letter in front of the name...) So my problme is that I'd like to understand nlite and this problem but I've been playing with this for over a day now and I'm getting quite frustrated and going nowhere so if someone can tell me how to make the window focus back to normal in the registry I'll stick with my "old" install instead of solving my problem Many thanks for the help