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  1. works as promised. easy one. thanks.
  2. I knew about these outside-of-unattended-section options. But they do not cover the very options which i want to tweak, namely 'ProgramFilesDir' and 'ProfilesDir'. Can i just add them there and expect it to work as if i had entered them in the forbidden [uNATTENDED] section? I am familiar with Unix shell scripting but not so familiar with NT shell scripting, so i have no problem waiting for your next release. But i wonder whether the mentioned script is executed early enough. Having read your link i assume that the script is called from either cmdlines.txt or from SetupParams. But i need the copying taking place even before the startmenu items are created. How do your ren_fold integration plans fit into that scenario? Best regards, Marcus
  3. Thanks very much. I will post results. Best wishes, Marcus
  4. Hi all, i have installed XP to the active primary partition using the USB_MultBoot2 tool. Afterwards i wanted to put a second installation of XP onto another logical partition. Therefore i created a new USB stick (this time with USB_MultBoot3) and booted the textsetup from it, which, as usually, finishes with a reboot. I then again booted from USB stick and selected the '... continue setup ...' option hoping to run the graphical setup. But instead the firstly installed XP is booted. How can i run / continue the graphical setup? Is this not possible with the current USB_MultBoot version or is it not possible with the USB_MutlBoot design approach at all? Thanks for your help and best regards, Marcus
  5. Hi all. thanks to your work i have successfully installed XP from USB without a glitch. I understand that we cannot use the [unattended] section from winnt.sif right now, but i need to set some installation options that are usually placed in that section. How can i manage that? Is this not possible with the current version of usb_multboot or is it not possible at all? What i want in detail is: 1. specifying an alternative location for program files, ProgramFilesDir and CommonProgramFilesDir in [uNATTENDED] section 2. specifying an alternative location for user profiles, ProfilesDir in [GUIUNATTENDED] section (should work afaik) 3. creating directories in %systemroot% before setup fills ProgramFilesDir and ProfilesDir (3) is needed because i want these directories to be placed relatively inside windows directory and i have read that setup fails when it has to create ProgramFilesDir and ProfilesDir as non-toplevel directories, but fills them correctly if they already exist. Can someone shed some light on the above issues? Best regards, Marcus