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  1. thou msi video support shouldn't be needed its on most video cards. i have read of other nvidia cards with same problem or some sort.... no idea
  2. I have a MSI funny enought
  3. soz admim... ummm thou back to topic people ) about this stupid nv_disp error bsod with winxp heeeelllppp.
  4. yep np thx man yea no ways i'm lowering stuff so i loss performance rofl i'm a tweaker more then anything but i don't over clock. ht*p://gamershq.madonion.com/compare2k1.shtml?1907162 3d marks 2001 on winxp with a mx400 Do not post active links...read the forum rules....edit by mod[/color:bab178ecc7]
  5. What do i lower in my bios that you recommend ?
  6. Why lower clock speed its on normal amout... loss performance and why drop 4x to like 2x or 1x thats stupid you need the performace.
  7. Hi i get this blue screen of death as well only time i get it when alt tabing from a game then click to go back in also only happens some times i'm runnig the newest drivers 22.50 they don't seem to fix it though i was running 21.8* etc etc i didn't have a problem thta i noticed thou the speed increase in 22.50 is worth a couple bsod. any way i'm runnig p3 1gig no via crap 256ram geforce 2 mx 100/200 Sblive Value and running easy cd creator with otu directcd and take two in it.
  8. Nice post very handy hopely they increase my speed