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  1. Sorry for late reply Yes~~ all ~~lol
  2. i got it ~~ thx alot~~~
  3. Could someone plz send me a copy of USB_MultiBoot_8.cmd ? i got <<The page cannot be displayed>>error when trying to access same problem when 1st time i try to download USB_MultiBoot_5.cmd. however i success to access once time by proxy . Anyway i lost the proxy ip address,n cant access even trying like 20 plus diferent proxy~~. thx
  4. i had try with my pc AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ ASUS - M2A-VM Kingston 1Gb DDR2 667mhz it reduce the time to 38m (while my laptop is celeron 1.5) and i wonder how much time it can be reduce if (1).i use method 2 for BTS driverpacks (2) use fastest pendrive like sandisk Cruzer Contour which read speed up to 30MB/s almost 3 time faster than Corsair Flash Voyager sandisk Cruzer Contour Corsair Flash Voyager
  5. thanks you!!!wimb .u did a good job!!i make it on my was work!~ r u sure u using corsair Flash Voyager instead of corsair Flash Voyager GT? it take me about 50m to complete xp installation(+BTS driver+apps) i run a benchmark on corsair Flash Voyager by Atto and return a result 11MB/s which disappointed me. coz they claim corsair Flash Voyager 's read speed suppose is 19MB/s sorry for the late reply anwway
  6. some update orginal size of USB_MultiBoot5 after unzip about 3.37MB 297 file. is it the size correst? i download it from the link 911cd which given by wimb could someone send me the working USB_MultiBoot5 .zip my e-mail is sochai_2002@yahoo.comn without the n. size of USB_MultiBoot5 after executre about 307MB this is the content of FAT32 which i succefully read it once time normally its unreadable
  7. thank for the update,i try go through tonight Below is what i had try Since FAT format is working, i try copy FAT content to hard disk 1st(about 881MB) then format the Corsair Pendrive with NTFS format and copy the FAT content from hard disk to the pendrive i hope it will work but it turn up that the pendrive wont boot Another similar try was i go through USB_MultiBoot5.cmd with NTFS format again(of coz it fail and the size about 8MB) then again i copy the FAT content from hard disk to pendrive however,the result same as above ,the pendrive just wont boot
  8. i guess i did C:\USB_MultiBoot5 HP USB disk storage format tool v.2.0.6 which come together with Anyway i had try HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8 which to no avail i tried but same thing happen fat = work well without any problem fat32 format is the 1 which make pc hang NTFS=error ,cant complete USB_MultiBoot5.cmd Below is the attachment thank for your help
  9. just bought Corsair Flash Voyager 4 GB and try it with USB_MultiBoot5.cmd. but i keep getting below error msg. its make my pc hang,which USB drive is unreadable. i had try others USB stick,same problem occur. seem like USB_MultiBoot5.cmd wont work with FAT32 n NTFS anyway ,it work well with FAT. someone help please.