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  1. win2kgaming.site90.com gone?

    Hey sorry all it's taken me so long to get to this. I haven't done much work in win2k compatibility stuff recently but I know a lot of people contributed useful information to the win2kgaming forums so I will get it back up somewhere. Oldboy2k made regular backups of the forums, but we are not sure where the best place to put it is. We had lots of trouble with 000webhost before and I think the other domain is taken now.
  2. win2kgaming.site90.com gone?

    They nuked our site because we violated the TOS somehow. They won't explain the violation :/ It was actually just a free hosting so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Oldboy had the database backups for every month so we didn't lose much. When we find some hosting a bit better we'll get it back up.
  3. KernelEx for 2000?

    Yep, my wrapper pack is similar to the KernelEx tool. It is not system wide though, mostly because there are a few apps that are not compatible with it (found two so far both were from programs trying to read the PE on their own). You can install it system wide but it's not really setup for it like KernelEx. One problem I've found is sometimes it would be nice for child processes to inherit the wrapper, I'm hoping to find an easy solution for this. Cheers