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  1. Hi everyone. read this interesting post and couldn't use any of the methods mentionned, i hope you can give me a hand. I have a gigybate G33-DS2R motherboard, which is ICH9R equiped. In my windows hardware management screen, I have 2 ICH9 controllers installed which are : ICH9 2 ports SATA Storage controller 2 - 2926 ICH9 2 ports SATA Storage controller 1 - 2920 What should I do to be able to avoid BSOD on boot when activating AHCI and SATA Native in Bios ? Thank you very much for your help ! Sebmex P.S. : by the way, when I try to install the Intel Matrix Storage package, it says I don't meet minimum requirements ... I have a raid compatible mobo ... ! how comes it says that ??