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  1. Universal Extractor 1.6 incorrectly identifies self extracting disk image files (.imz) as 7z archives adding the following to check7z() corrects the issue and allows these files to be expanded. ;prevent flase positives on self-extracting disk image files (ie imz files) runwait($cmd & $7z & ' t "' & $file & '"' & $output, $filedir, @SW_HIDE) $infile = fileopen($debugfile, 0) $line = filereadline($infile) do if stringinstr($line, "error") then fileclose($infile) filedelete($debugfile) splashoff() $7zfailed = true; return false; endif $line = filereadline($infile) until @error
  2. It works fine with XP Pro. It didn't include any of the option updates though. Also I slipstreamed IE7 with nLite before integrating this update as a service pack.
  3. Do you have any links while the site is updated? Anything would help.
  4. WinRar requires payment to use.