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  1. Did you know that someone in the "hotstream" project on this board actually got their grubby paws on the actual sfxcab.exe utility? It's really irritating, because he says he won't share it.
  2. I call bulls*** on this statement. The compiler, in fact, is the internal Microsoft tool called sfxcab.exe. There is no secret and there is no reason why you can't share it. People want to be able to make sfxcab packages and this refusing to share this crucial tool is utter bulls***. Stop being a dick and share it. Who cares what the previous person wanted. Plus, sfxcab has already been cracked in another thread, so it isn't like people can't make them. The problem is that it is a tedious hex editing job and it would be a lot easier if we could f***ing have this tool! :angrym: